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"Conservatives—Republicans—are socialists."

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Letter from Curt Howland

Letter from A.X. Perez

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Two little old lady census takers just knocked on the door.

They were polite, I was polite, everyone was nice about it.

I said, "I have the right to remain silent. Have a good day" and closed the door.

Let's see what happens.

Curt Howland

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One Week

A week ago (18 April, 2010) people were celebrating the growth of freedom because Arizona adopted "Vermont carry" and now people are upset because of Arizona's new immigration law because they perceive it to be racist and oppressive. There are several points this brings up. To many of us going over these points seems to be belaboring the obvious, but remember it took some forty years before someone commented on keeping that green mold out of your culture dishes or it will kill your bacteria culture to the development of penicillin.

Liberty is not a liberal or conservative issue. Many conservative goals are pro liberty, so are many liberal goals. Many goals of both groups are anti liberty. Arizona's laws are examples of both pro and anti liberty goals held by conservatives.

That said, overall I find myself supporting the conservative agenda. Here's why: by being pro-gun it guarantees I will have the tools I need to resist oppression. Anti-gun conservatives (Poppa Bush, Strom Thurmond, Dick Nixon and others) scare me, as does the "you can trust us" attitude of anti-gun liberals.

It should be interesting to see how many people carrying openly are hassled by Arizona cops for ID papers. It should also be interesting to see how many "incidents" it will take for the Arizona gendarmerie to learn some manners and discretion in asking for ID papers. I can see the news article now: "I deedn't do two tours of duty in pinche Iraq to come back to this crap," Says Juan Garcia on why he shot cop asking for his green card. I do not recommend this approach to being asked to show ID, but I can predict it happening.

Finally, it must be pointed out that many Native Americans do not consider themselves American citizens but rather citizens of their tribe. It must be also pointed out that the ethnically distinguishing characteristics of most Mexican and Central Americans is their Mestizo (mixed European and Indian ) heritage. I predict that this will lead to many interesting and unpleasant confrontations as the Phoenix, Tucson and other police forces learn why Border Patrol agents and Immigration Inspectors at the Border are warned in so many words, "Don't fuck with the Indians."

A.X. Perez

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My latest on the Arizona law. This is available on merchandise at: [this link.]

Please forward this e-mail to anyone you think would enjoy it.

Alien profiling

Rex May
PHONE: 1-970-218-0889
All about me here:*

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What am I missing?

According to the latest NRA-ILA report dated 30 April 2010 Richard Daley is taking his case against gun rights in America to the Hague. He is also asking that Chicago be put under martial law.

Is there something going on in Chicago that even approaches the situation along the Mexico-Texas border? Has Mayor Daley even taken a look at how badly martial law is working in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico?

Are Chicago's cops so corrupt and incompetent that they must be replaced with MP's? What does that say for generations of Daley rule? In our disagreement over the need and effectiveness to fight the state over immigration reform Dennis Miller repeats an assertion that soon the US will self destruct. Apparently under Daley Chicago has gotten a head start.

A.X. Perez

To which Richard Bartucci replied:

According to information online*, the suckers-at-the-public-teat who are calling for National Guardsmen to physically occupy the streets of the Windy City are a pair of state legislative representatives, National Socialist Party politicians John Fritchey and LaShawn Ford, who have petitioned the Prairie State's governor Pat Quinn (also a National Socialist) to summon the organized militia and send them to supplement Chicago's Finest in the donut shops and the quiet cooping spots where these valiant supporters of the Daley Administration have obviously been overwhelmed by the City of Big Shoulders' uppity proles.

If, indeed, National Socialist Party Mayor Richard Daley is "...calling for Mexico and other nations to bring American gunmakers into the World Court in the Hague," and gets that court to grant certiorari in this matter (though I have no goddam idea whatsoever how the World Court can conceive itself to be authorized to so act in what is, let's face it, an issue of putative civil damages leveled by a local government against private individuals acting in no arguable violation of any criminal law within their various jurisdictions), I would take positive delight in reading the details of such an action.

The way I see it, Mayor Daley's political opponents -- and it is now clear that this means most of the people who live and work in Chicago -- are able to state with incontrovertible proof that the stupid sonofabitch cannot assert effective governance of the city he is supposed to be serving, and can no longer continue to masquerade as its chief executive officer.

Ain't that nice?

Richard Bartucci

* [reference link]

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