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Number 504, February 1, 2009

"Their dream is the impossible one, as
they must Control 300 million Americans"

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The Bill Of Rights Enforcement Rangers
by Roger Cook
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Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

See: "As property crimes increase, more neighbors are on patrol—Yahoo! News"

Conflicts across the globe and an international respect for Barack Obama have created the perfect setting for establishment of "a New World Order," according to Henry Kissinger.

Kissinger's "wet dream" doesn't have to be realized, if we get our own ducks in a row and do what is necessary to de-rail their planned "Socialist New World Order". Their dream is the impossible one, as they must Control 300 million Americans... while we only have to defeat their socialist elite (after separating them from their current lackeys). As hard as they are trying to be at secretly succeeding in forcing all of us into their planned total takeover, the coming of the dire recession followed by a deep depression... offers a window of opportunity. The closer they get to realizing their dream, and the harder they push for a big finish... the more apparent the depravity of the situation becomes. Even the most contented of the sheeple are starting to look up, and around... and are wanting to know what is going on.

When they start milling, and running in all directions... Libertarians who are ready to stand up and be counted are going to have to get their hands dirty. The sheeple are going to want to run into the light, but that is the well-lighted fancy door to the "Socialist New World Order," and they should not go there. We must be ready, and willing to head them through the door that leads back to the Constitutional Republic, Monetary Gold Standard, small government, no income tax, no federal reserve bank, etc.

How can we do it? By starting small (as in a Boy Scout-like Org), and growing up it up Large (as in a Texas Ranger-like Nat'l Org). By Protecting the property rights of law-abiding people, as those folks are doing in the Christian Science Monitor article link above, is a very good start... and can be added to as needed.

El Neil is right about the importance of putting some teeth into our Bill of Rights, by the enforcing of them as the Law of the Land... which they are.

But without the catchy name, Superhero, I don't think I want to sign-on their "World Superhero Registry".

What I would like to participate in is the formation of the Bill Of Rights Enforcement Rangers, for short the B.O.R.E. Rangers.

I suggest that the symbol from El Neil's Bill Of Rights Enforcement site be used as the central basis for an enameled badge—with "Bill Of Rights Enforcement" arced around the edge of the top half of the badge, and on the bottom half edge (centered) there should be the word "RANGER" and above that a space for a badge number.

The Bill Of Rights Enforcement Ranger Registry should have a dedicated web site, and those registering should be prepared to buy (at cost) the metal badge and clip-on plastic ID.

Your thoughts are welcome, and I hope you will copy this to El Neil so he can put in his $0.02 worth.


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