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Number 489, October 19, 2008

"When one endorses the lesser of two
evils, they still have endorsed evil."

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An Open Letter to My Fellow Americans
by Richard I. Kurlish
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Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Election day is just around the corner. No doubt you are all, if not eager, than at least resigned to do your civic duty by voting for the candidate of your choice, be they Democrat, Republican, Libertarian or one of the lesser breeds of beasts that we call "politicians".

Little aware that by doing so you contribute to your own continued enslavement, and the continued enslavement of future generations of not only your fellow Americans and human beings worldwide, but the very enslavement of the "liberties" that any right thinking human being holds dear. The light of liberty dims with each vote, and the cry of LIBERTY is ever muted amid the roar of political rhetoric.

Yes, your vote does matter, but not in the manner that the politicians would have you believe. Your vote maintains the stasis quo, ensuring the continuation of the bureaucratic nightmare that some of us have the wisdom to see, if not understand. It keeps the politicians in power, no matter the flavor of their rhetoric. A politician without a vote is a politician without a job. The best kind of politician is the "dead" kind; second to that is the kind without a job. What will it take for you to realize that, not that democracy works or doesn't work, but rather that it (democracy) is an illusion created to keep you believing that political "power" resides in your ignorant little hands (thus keeping you ignorant) and keeping you enslaved. What is worse, enslavement of the mind or the body? I'll answer my own question, if you don't mind. For I can't help but believe that most of you failed understand the question, let alone know the answer. A slave, who can see the "physical" chains of bondage, cannot but help be aware of his status (what he or she decides to do about it is another matter). On the other hand, how do you make someone recognize their enslavement when they've been taught to believe in their "freedom"? When the very freedom they believe they possess are the chains that repress the liberties they believe their freedom endows them with. Because that very "freedom" is a lie. The film The Matrix is a good analogy. Not the physical enslavement of humanity, for use as batteries by machines (I can't help but feel that they got what they deserved), but rather the efforts it took to convince Neo of the "mind" sham he was living under. Just like the sham we live under. Only it's not called the matrix, it's called politics. Or better, politics as usual. And it will be as usual, regardless of who wins the election. Believe it!

So, who has the needed answers? The Republicans, the Democrats... one would hardly think so, since it's they that perpetuate the "Two-Party" dictatorship we live under. Make no mistake about it, the only difference between the two parties is one of "flavor", the chemical composition remains the same. Like regular and hi-test gasoline: it's still gas! One may give a little less oomph to your engine, while the other costs more.

The Libertarians, who see life through a pair of "rose-tinted" glasses of optimism, thinking that the existing political order will allow the encroachment of Libertarian power. So long as Libertarian political successes (not aspirations) remain that of a harmless "third" party political non-movement, they are tolerated. But I don't believe any measure of political success will go unanswered by the powers that be. Pessimistic of me, no doubt, even though the facts of the small inroads they have made, speak for them selves. Does Libertarianism hold the answers? I'd sure like to try... the only way to know! The previous statement is part of the answer. Only by example, does Libertarianism stand any chance of success. And perhaps any hope for mankind and liberty.

How can such an example be set up, I don't know.

I do believe that it's important enough, that we somehow find out.

Do I hold any of the answers? Ego wants me to answer yes, while rationality and honesty prompts me to answer no.

All I do know is that when I came of age to exercise my franchise to vote, some forty plus years ago, I did so with boundless optimism.

Now I know the value of that vote.

I won't let the politicians buy it.

I won't let the politicians use it.

I won't let the politicians waste it.

And maybe, if you think hard enough about these words, so do you know.


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