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"Judy Rue Liani, the Parisian streetwalker
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Ron Paul wins the Louisiana Caucuses!
by Jim Davidson

Flash for The Libertarian Enterprise

It is now clear that Ron Paul took first or second in the recent Lousiana caucuses, beating out every other presidential candidate except, possibly John McCain, who happens to be favored by the Louisiana GOP leadership. In order to make the process more difficult and, in the great Louisiana tradition of scum politicians, more corrupt, the Louisiana GOP deliberately brought out of date registration lists to the caucuses.

The registration deadline for registering to vote as a Republican in the caucuses was the 30th of November, so the Louisiana GOP should have brought lists as of the 1st of December. Instead, they deliberately, and with malice, brought lists dated the 1st of November. In all, this evil bit of cruelty caused 650 registered Republicans to cast provisional ballots.

We'll see how many of these ballots are arbitrarily discarded by the evil, corrupt, and hateful Louisiana GOP apparatus. Of course the political parties are evil, corrupt, and hateful. If they were not, we would not be in the current situation with regard to individual liberty. This sort of behavior by party apparatus nomenklatura ought to convince people who believe they can change anything by voting that they may have to replace—through criminal proceedings, through party activism, or perhaps by more direct means—those who behave in evil, corrupt, and hateful ways.

I first learned about this story at The Nolan Chart, which attempts to classify each author according to David Nolan's famous two-dimensional projection of political space. Here is the link to that article:

So, I called Andrew Axsom, the Ron Paul field director for Louisiana. He informs me that the State GOP came to the convention with voter registration lists for almost every parish (Louisiana is the only state with parishes, a hold over from code Napoleon) dated 1 November. Their own deadline, however, was 30 November, so they should have brought the lists from 1 December. At least 650 provisional ballots were cast in this election, due to the "mistake" over which voter list to bring, and the fact that many Ron Paul supporters registered late.

Orleans Parish in which the corrupt Democrat machine politics of the City of New Orleans—so corrupt that even drainage is handled corruptly—is run, refuses to give the voter registration lists! Even to a political party running a state-wide political caucus/convention. Which seems to be the topic for a new lawsuit by the GOP. Obviously, it makes it tougher for the dead to vote if they publish the list. There were 169 provisional ballots cast from Orleans parish residents.

The Ron Paul campaign is paying $5,000 for the voter registration lists from the Secretary of State, and the individual voters from Orleans parish are getting their proof of registration together—since the parish does agree that the voter gets documentation. It is a very interesting situation, still developing.

Personally, given how totally anal retentive these people behave in their meetups and events, I think the Ron Paul supporters are going to be able to prove a victory, but it won't be timely.

In other news, an apparently minor candidate has dropped out of the GOP race, leaving Ron Paul as one of five possible Republican candidates for the nomination. Trumpeted loudly as a major conservative, Fred Thompson, who was a minor actor in films like "The Hunt for Red October" (he plays an aircraft carrier skipper who, very ironically given Fred's present warhawk views, says, "This is going to get out of control" about a confrontation with a foreign power) got third place in South Carolina and was otherwise an also-ran.

Christian socialist Mike Huckabee's campaign claims they have two million dollars left, and the site suggests they raised it very recently, like, in the month of January.

Paul has a nice war chest, probably on the order of $20M on hand depending on how much he has spent. I think the FEC reports out later this month should reveal Ron raised on the close order of $28M in 2007, most of it in November and in December. Dr. Paul is currently asking for a total of $8.4 million before the 5th of February in order to press his case in various ways to the voters in many states on that key date. He currently has over $3.5 million of that raised, leaving less than $5 million to go. Those interested in donating should visit for all campaign contributions. If you have already exceeded the maximum $2,300 allowed by law, consider donating to The Libertarian Enterprise, or to the site, or one of the many other secondary sites.

Judy Rue Liani, the Parisian streetwalker cross-dressing former mayor of New Jack City has been a cellar dweller the whole season. I would predict a third or fourth place showing for him in Florida. Reports suggest his campaign staff is going without pay. On the other hand, at this point, he's already on the ballot for 5 February, so he might cling to the fantasy that he'll do well in other states. I gather from news reports that he's not even leading in New York.

My analysis below does not include anything on the New Hampshire recount presently going on. I also note with chagrin that there are only 98% of precincts reporting from Iowa (!)—it seems very late in the month to be less than fully reported.

There are now five candidates contending for the Republican nomination. They are, in alphabetical order by last name:

Rudy Giuliani
Mike Huckabee
John McCain
Ron Paul
Mitt Romney

Giuliani placed sixth in Nevada, Iowa, Michigan, and South Carolina. His best showings have been fourth place in New Hampshire and Wyoming. He has no wins going into the Florida contest. He seems to have one delegate, possibly to be awarded in April, for his showing in Nevada. Maine, possibly due to some GOP bigwig pledging, lists him with one other delegate. So, a total of 2 delegates.

Huckabee won the Iowa caucuses with 34% and came in second in South Carolina. He placed third in Michigan, Wyoming, and New Hampshire, and fourth in Nevada. He appears to have 29 total delegates pledged to his candidacy.

McCain won New Hampshire and South Carolina. He came in second in Michigan. West of the Mississippi River he has done poorly, with third in Nevada and Wyoming, and fourth in Iowa. (Note there is a tie for third in Wyoming.) He appears to have 38 delegates pledged to his candidacy.

Ron Paul won, in my opinion, Louisiana. He may pick up 35 or so delegates if that proves out. He placed second in both Nevada and Wyoming. Obviously, he has a Western audience, which you can tell just by looking at the maps at He came in fourth in Michigan, and fifth in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. Until the results from Louisiana are determined, and I gather a state convention is involved, as well, the scoreboard shows six delegates pledged to his candidacy. Excluding Wyoming, for which I cannot get any idea of how many votes were actually cast for Dr. Paul, over 105,000 votes have been cast in the early primary states, already. I suspect that Dr. Paul is going to be one of the top vote getters of any candidate for any office espousing libertarian ideals.

Mitt Romney won Michigan, Wyoming, and Nevada. Clearly, he has support in Western states, apparently from Mormons. He placed second in New Hampshire and Iowa. He was fourth in South Carolina. He is clearly the front runner with a total of 72 delegates for his candidacy at this time.

The other guys who ran, Duncan Hunter and Fred Thompson, have one and eight delegates, respectively.

On the Republican side, the New Hampshire recount is just getting underway. On the Democrat side, this blog post seems interesting: "Further human tallies being compared to the computerized tallies from Diebold optical scanners are finding a variety of substantial changes, in one ward in one instance over 10% of the tally changed, although election officials at first were claiming just "one or two votes, easily explained by clerical error". So far the overall "winners" of the primary haven't changed, but results so far should be enough for Kucinich to demand a full recount (though he apparently has chosen not to do so). In addition they apparently have still not found the "lost" memory cards with some of the results, in violation of state law there that says all relevant information must be retained for 22 months. And if that isn't enough, activists following ballot chain of custody have discovered a lot of peculiarities, like so called 'sealed boxes" that are just used cardboard boxes with large slits in them large enough to insert a hand, and "official seals" that are like peel and stick removable post-it notes."

Here's a developing and fun story of election official incompetence and underhandedness:

In all, it is an exciting political silly season. There is plenty more where the above stories came from.

Please visit one of my sites, such as,, or to support this itinerant political reporter.

Jim Davidson is a sovereign individual who writes extensively on topics ranging from individual liberty to nanotechnology. He is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in space tourism, online sales, medical practice management, real estate, port development, toll road development, and education. He is currently working on an initial public offering for a computer company and a massively multiplayer online gaming project. He also markets gold and silver to individual seeking to hedge against inflation.


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