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Number 449, December 30, 2007

"Lives of Drudgery and Servitude"

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Fascist Culture
The Kaptain's Log
by Kaptain Kanada, a.k.a. Manuel Miles

Attribute to The Libertarian Enterprise

Recently I visited family and old friends in the USA, where I lived my childhood and early youth. When one visits a place only once every ten years or so, one is constantly aware of both the things which have changed and those which have not. Some things improve, of course, while others don't.

One unchanged aspect of life in Yankee-land was particularly noticeable: the American people are still, at heart, fascist as hell. I don't say this lightly, neither do I say it accusingly; it's just an observation. A couple of centuries of predatory imperialism will, of necessity, breed certain attitudes, all of them detestable. Taken together, these attitudes constitute a fascist culture.

The elements which distinguish such a culture are a "collective" mentality (the notion that the collective is much more important than the individuals who comprise it), the "leadership principle" (or Fuehrer prinzip, as the National Socialist German Workers' Party called it), the relentless promotion of emotional hysteria, and a multitude of "team" sports and activities.

For all the lip service once given in the US to the virtues of "rugged individualism", too many of the American people are about as individualistic as stampeding cattle. The very American slogan that, "The nail that sticks up gets hammered down," is more appropriate as a national motto. My family and friends were horrified, for example, that I have grown my hair long (shoulder length) once again. They were equally horrified that I am able to find gainful employment without conforming to the fascist standard of short hair and a necktie. Hell, Stalin and Hitler always looked soooo "clean cut"!

Of course, long hair truly is a threat to what non-fascist Americans call "the American sheeple", so they react as if attacked. The threat, however, is that anyone so bold as to question the mindless mob's "right" to dictate entirely personal matters to others just might begin to doubt its wisdom in blindly obeying the great, ugly US nanny-state. And, of course, I do. I think they're foolish to believe in the farcical "two party system" and all the rest of the silly tin god of dumbocracy. They ought to wear their hair as they like and dress as they like, instead of following the dictates of both the Thought Police and the Fashion Fascists.

Among the many questions which Americans (and Canadians, too!) ought to be asking themselves is, "Why are we playing 'Follow the Leader'?" The constant jabber about "leadership" creates the impression that it is only natural to obey one power-mad sociopath or another in every aspect of life. Private schools advertise that they teach "leadership", so that those whose privilege it is to be members of the Yankee oligarchy can ensure that their kids will grow up presuming the right, divine or otherwise, to lord it over others. Politicians boast of their "leadership qualities" as if megalomania were something to be admired. Unfortunately, in fascist cultures it is admired.

Also admired are the likes of TV charlatans Dopey Winfrey and Dr Feel. The notion that we can all have a good cry and everything will be all better afterward is just ever so much more comforting than the concept that problems require a well-informed mind, analytical thought and hard work to solve. The television-addicted are sure that they are well-informed, the more so as the rest of the herd seems to be running in the same direction... never mind about those cliffs.

The mainstream media, the schools and all organs of the almighty damned State are constantly emotionalising every issue. The irrational nature of responses to any challenge to such sacred cows as "global warming", Darwinism, the "right" to kill babies in the womb, "the" holocaust, and The Deadly Menace of Second Hand Smoke demonstrates the success of this programme. Asking hard questions about what "everybody already knows" to be true is anathema in a fascist culture.

Asking such questions is not in "the team spirit", either. Americans learn that, "You've got to go along to get along," at work and play, from the first day of kindergarten (or, worse yet, the day care concentration camps); you shall take a nap at nap time, or there will be no milk and cookies for you, comrade! Every possible team sport is promoted by the government schools, so that all will realise that "There is no "I" in 'team'!" [As someone once countered, "There's no 'team' in 'individual'."] It's not a coincidence that the awful, cacophonous star-spankied banana hymn to the nation-state is screeched out before every war-game team sport exercise in hysterical martial conformity, either. [See my insensitive diatribe, "To Hell With Football" in issue no. 272 of The Libertarian Enterprise.] From all this flow such concepts as "the greater good", bombing villages in order to "save" them, and sacrificing liberty to the all-knowing State in exchange for... "leadership"? security? that warm fuzzy feeling of belonging?

It takes a lot to shake people out of their complacent, blind obedience after a lifetime of such agitprop, but there is hope on the horizon—"Hope for America". Hundreds of thousands of ordinary Americans are beginning to see through the thinning fabric of lies which maintains the fascist culture and the imperial war machine. Hundreds of thousands of ordinary Americans are discovering the philosophy of libertarian self-government. The question is whether they will grow in number quickly enough to save themselves, their Constitution and their children's future.

In the next twelve months we are going to find out. I hope that all my American family and friends see through the culture of fascism and that they re-discover the US Constitution and the ideals of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. I hope that they discover the Ron Paul campaign. I hope that they campaign and vote for Dr Paul. I hope that they take hope in...

Peace and Liberty.

Kaptain Kanada, aka Manuel Miles, is a nasty old curmudgeon who lives to torment the God damned nation-State, feminazis, mercantilists, Darwinians, warmongers, socialists, global warmites, Vegans, abortionists, animal rights nutsos, and the "politically correct" of all stripes. He is not a nice man, and you wouldn't want him for a neighbour—at least, that's what his mother says, and she should know. If something he writes upsets you, he won't care; on the contrary, he'll feel that he has succeeded in his efforts.


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