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Why Did Ron Paul Give Up on the LP?
by Christine Smith

Special to The Libertarian Enterprise

Why did Ron Paul leave the LP as a means to advance liberty as a candidate? I'm asking this of myself over and over. Is the reason because he saw the LP as a futile path? A waste of his time and energy? No place for an individual who really wants to be part of achieving liberty in America now? For myself, as someone who is devoted to advancing liberty and sharing libertarianism, I am having serious doubts as to whether the LP deserves individuals willing to give of themselves so selflessly. Perhaps Ron Paul's experiences brought him to such a point and decision. I know my experiences with the LP are pointing that way.

Every several days, it seems I learn of yet another individual I respect who has left the LP, and always for reasons I now more completely understand than ever before.

They are individuals who achieve progress in advocating liberty. They are the truest libertarians I have ever met. And they left the LP.

These are all individuals who tried to make a difference within the LP and finally made the decision that the LP was unworthy of their continued support and participation, that the LP did not deserve what they offered to give, that they could accomplish much more good work for liberty outside the LP rather than within it (and they've done it!).

I am at a point where I am seriously questioning whether the LP is a political party to take seriously at all or is it primarily a place for those who merely sit around and talk and argue but never actually do anything of substance? Is it a place where winners (those who actually work hard to achieve progress and success in advancing liberty in our nation) find themselves surrounded by losers (those whose priority is not liberty but who use the cause of liberty for other agendas)?

I have been reluctant to follow that line of thinking until now.

Because now, the more experiences I have, the more I wonder if all those who left the party are right.

I know it was the right choice for themselves because I see them joyfully doing good work which makes a difference, and now I also am thinking that maybe they are right about the utter failure of the LP as a means to make meaningful progress toward liberty. . . maybe it is a waste of one's time.

Since writing 'I Will Not Compromise—An Open Letter to libertarians,' I have obviously become even more discouraged, and even more disillusioned about the LP.

I am yet undecided, and though I yet am making a conscious choice to believe there is yet hope and yet a possibility that the LP may be a viable vehicle to advance liberty, I am uncertain. I am discouraged. I am wondering. . . and I am watching.

Meanwhile, my appreciation goes to Ron Paul (and his supporters) for doing more to advance liberty in this nation than anyone has ever done in the political arena before.

Christine Smith is a Libertarian Candidate for President


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