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Number 404, February 4, 2007

"Bush and his creepy friends."


by Andrew G. Eggleston Sr.

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Sometimes people ask me;

    "How can you be so arrogant as to think you have anything near the intellect or wisdom of any of 'The Founding Fathers', to write the tripe that you do that speaks against our benign government in this free Democracy?"

This question was actually not put to me exactly as it reads here, but in much the same vein. (I prettied it up for public consumption)

Jefferson was a farmer, a large plantation owner, and had many slaves; he's not much different than a couple of large wheat-growers I know around town. He authored one of the most significant documents in history (The Declaration of Independence) when he was 33 years old.

Revere was a silversmith, a small business owner, and widower at 38, remarried, and made his "Famous Ride" when he was 40!

Franklin was a printer, he owned the eighteenth century equivalent of a copy-shop, he was an inventor and tinkerer who would rise to the post of Postmaster General at the ripe old age of 69.

All of these "great patriots and leaders of freedom" were ordinary people with one unique quality. . . courage. They had the courage to stand and say;

    "I don't like the way things are, and I don't think the King is fair to us, I want to change this situation."

Are we so different?

I can't see how. We who contribute to e-zines like: The Libertarian Enterprise, Lady Liberty's Constitution Clearinghouse, Freedoms' Phoenix, are today's "great patriots and leaders of freedom". Now, if that's arrogant then the reader doesn't know what men of history said; Jefferson told us to rewrite the Constitution for each generation, Henry believed that freedom cost blood regularly, Franklin pointed out that for true freedom one cannot be secure from threat of violence. These are not extreme ideas formulated in the heat of despotism, but simple truths, distilled over long periods of time, a simple common man's wisdom. Wisdom, which must be applied to the harder decisions that life throws into our path, the decisions that change our world for us.

No it's not right that a man rapes a woman—but police and government don't prevent rape, intelligent and informed women prevent rape by being cautious or well armed. No it's not right that a man steals from another man—but an armed man prevents theft. No it's not right that someone drinks and drives their car into a bus of school children, but laws don't prevent drunk drivers.

All of those situations are illegal, there are laws to stop that sort of thing aren't there? No. Laws are a piece of paper that a lot of people agreed upon once, and in case you failed physics, paper doesn't stop bullets, or speeding cars, or aggressive behavior.

All decisions that change our lives are decisions based upon how we must take responsibility for our own safety, freedom, and prosperity. Those who expect some random piece of paper to protect them are failing to take responsibility, and they are fools.

This country has become a hedonistic hideaway for the weak and irresponsible of the human race to live, allowing "Big Brother" to reign supreme over their lives; just so long as they don't have to see anything ugly (unless they call it entertainment), or protect themselves, or raise their children, or be anything nearly as responsible as a bitch raising her pups, or a bull protecting his herd. We are the greatest, smartest, and most advanced mammals on this planet, but we should be ashamed of ourselves—the lower breeds of mammals consistently show more responsibility than we do.

Those few of us who are responsible for ourselves are constantly under attack; on the defensive against a government that is no longer beholden to the voters, under attack daily by police who wish to rule as medieval Lords over some fiefdom they imagine is theirs, and defending ourselves illegally against neighbors who would "see us do well, but not better than them". We are under attack by the minions of the lazy and as a result are overwhelmed; the pain of day-to-day life is compounded when we are forced to also take responsibility for those who would not take care of themselves.

Insurance rates are climbing every year because of the irresponsible.

Lawyers are getting rich feeding off of the prosperous of society because of the irresponsible.

Criminals get better access to education than 18 year olds, and at no cost to themselves.

Hundreds of millions of tax dollars are stolen from the public each year to pay for those pathetic wretches to have food, clothes and a home for free, because they were irresponsible.

Legislation prevents the average person from becoming above average or even great because of the irresponsible!

We stand at another one of these "turning points" in history similar to the Founding Father's turning point. It will be the job of ordinary men and women to stand-up as those great people of long ago did, to show courage in the face of adversity, and say;

    "I won't be seated until I am heard!"

We do not face a new crisis, our is not very different than that of the Founding Fathers, read the Declaration of Independence and see if it rings true for our situation today, I think you'll find that it will. By Next week I hope to have a modern version of that great document completed for your consideration. Because I am not unlike the Founding Fathers, I have the courage of my convictions, have you?


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