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L. Neil Smith's
Number 388, October 8, 2006

"Why Don't They Get It?"

Gun Control
Gun Control
by Darian Worden


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Letters to the Editor
from L. Neil Smith, E.J. Totty, Dick Wetherbee, Kent McManigal, and Elizabeth Price Foley

The Manchurian Lobbyist—Revisited
by L. Neil Smith
Author's Note: It's possible that I wrote this essay as long as 20 years ago. It's older than the book you'll find it in, Lever Action, which you can find clicking through on my website "The Webley Page", and it's older than The Libertarian Enterprise.

One Answer to Vance's "Supporting the Troops"
by James Glaser
Lawrence M. Vance wrote a column in which he heaps a lot of the blame for the horrors of war on our troops.

Don't Get Mad, Get Even
by Jack Duggan
The numbers of Americans who believe the 9/11 'terrorist' attacks were an inside demolition job is now rising to 50%. Many citizens are raising hell for a real investigation into what the 9/11 Commission refused to explore. Many maintain that the 9/11 events were planned by government as a protection racket to instill fear into the population so that the fed could invade Middle Eastern countries to control oil sales and to vastly decrease the rights of the citizens so that more tyrannical and confiscatory laws could be passed in the name of protecting Americans from the 'enemy.'

Shooting Blanks
by Lady Liberty
In recent weeks, I've been urged to get behind a couple of bills in the House of Representatives. These bills, which are supported by the National Rifle Association, would be good for gun owners, I'm told.

Who Are the Cylons?
by Bill Hartwell
Just imagine: You're trying to rebuild your homeland after a devastating war and years of continuous harassment and bombing by the enemy after the war ended. Just when you are starting to think you might be able to rebuild, the enemy attacks again, and your government surrenders. The enemy claims they are in your homeland to bring you freedom and enlightenment; to bring you a better way of life than the life you had under your old government.

The Seven Ps
by Chris Claypoole
When I was in the US Army (1973-1977), there was a sign posted in one of the headquarters I worked in that said, "Piss Poor Planning Precludes Perfect Performance." This was referred to as the Six Ps. Well, in a moment of alliteration, I did that one better, with the Seven Ps: Political Power Produces Pragmatists, Precluding Principled People. Okay, so it's not the self-introduction by V in the movie "V for Vendetta." But it makes a powerful point, which I will produce, post-haste. (Sorry.)

Why Don't They Get It?
by Claire Wolfe
That great conceptualizer and genuine security expert Bruce Schneier likes to point out that the fedgov is fighting the war for terrorism as if it were scripting a Hollywood blockbuster. They plan for a terrorist gang armed with suitcase nukes descending on the Empire State Building in helicopters in broad daylight taking the beautiful young wife of the nation's most powerful senator hostage.

Media Should Protect Identity of Foley Page
by Wendy McElroy
On Sept. 29, Rep. Mark Foley, R-Fla., resigned from the House of Representatives due to a scandal sparked by sexually provocative e-messages he had sent in 2005 to a (then) 16-year-old male page. (Congressional pages are high school juniors employed by Congress to run errands.) A consensus of outrage is blasting Foley, as it should. But, currently, there are two individuals at the heart of this scandal: Foley and the former page. It is not clear how the media intends to treat the victim who, after all, is not a public figure and has not pressed charges, demanded compensation or sought attention.

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