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Number 953, December 24, 2017

Merry Christmas to All!
And to All a Good Night!

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End Notes: Latest News From Greater Appalachia
by Jeff Fullerton

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The Trump / Grinch That Stole Christmas

The Grinch and Scrooge are the stereotypical vilifications of the capitalist by people—mostly on the Left. Ironically these people are often great social benefactors who aside from creating businesses that employ millions and generate surplus income for politicians to steal —including garnishments from the wages of the workers —also make philanthropic contributions that build libraries and hospitals. Like the one I work for!

The other great irony is that those who are comparing Donald Trump and entrepreneurs in general to the Grinch are often more Grinch like. They are so hung up on their pursuit and acquisition of power that they are both miserable and crazy when that power eludes them or is taken away. It’s like their lives are on hold until they get it back.

What the hell are these poor souls going to do when we actually attain a post scarcity civilization with sustainable energy and space travel for the masses? No wonder they are so terrified of such things.

Results of the UN vote

The UN voted this week to condemn the United States for recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Amazing who our friends really are. [Link to chart of results] I guess Russia voting against us means they might not be in bed with Mr Trump after all? The Euro weenies —we are not surprised—they’re always spitting in our face but Japan? I can’t figure given their cultural and religious heritage that is very remote from the sectarian feuds of the desert religions in the Middle East what stake they have in this—though maybe they are afraid OPEC will cut off their oil.

Must wonder: have they forgotten who is protecting them from China and North Korea?

Enjoy it while you can

Both the political theater and your own hobbies and other interests. I’m having a ball with new setups for the Yunnan Bluetail Newts and wild type green swordtails. Something to keep me busy and to enjoy in the dreary days to come.


Two new tanks on an old wooden stand. The 20 gallon kit that comes with an LED hood for the Swords and a 15 gal critter tank below for the newts. You’re not supposed to use these as aquariums but I’m willing to take a chance since regular 15s are next to impossible to find locally and critter tanks have a sliding screen lid that can contain the newts if they get the urge to climb.

According to Ray the reason for the manufacturer’s recommendation is that these tanks have thinner glass panes than aquariums but are still well sealed and should be fine if not filled to capacity and shallow water is better for newts anyway. I improvised a set of LED puck lights for the newt tank.

Newts enjoying a meal of thawed bloodworms (midge larvae)

Two male Green Swordtails—these are the.original wild type found in the streams of southern Mexico and Central America. Now much harder to come by in the trade than the commonly bred captive strains and therefore worth keeping again!


Latest addition to the menagerie—a baby Striped Mud Turtle discovered in the incubator this week. Good thing I didn’t throw those eggs out when I turned off the heat a month ago! Still hoping for two more.

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