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Number 944, October 15, 2017

Nobody wants a broken camel

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The Editor’s Notes
by Ken Holder

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Publisher’s Note

Saturday morning, Randy Newman, Toy Story, my daughter Gio. Some ways to wake up are better than others.

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L. Neil Smith
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You know, I often, even frequently, ask myself, “Are these people actually stupid?” Of course, I know that they actually are not really stupid, but there is something about them that seems really off.

I think what it is is that they are Collectivists while I (and I hope you) are Individualists.

That is the only thing I can think of. It is either that, or just stupid, and I am pretty sure they are not actually stupid, but there is some kind of hitch in their mental get-along that creates that impression.

So… what can we do about it?

Beats me.

So, instead I am going to recomment a couple of books by Matthew Mather:

CyberStorm and Darknet.

CyberStorm, soon to be some sort of motion picture, tells the adventures of people living in an appartment building in Manhattan who experience a massive blizzard while at the same time undergoing a total crash of the internet, which takes out the power grid and the phone network and results in a total… mess. That net-crash includes the entire world of course. The story and the characters manage to be interesting and the real horror of the situation is presented in a gripping manner. Cold. I started feeling real… cold….

Darknet, is an even more horrifying tale of an AI trying to take over the world. The AI was designed to make money, and gets out of control and creates a nightmare experience for people it regards as standing in the way. A group of friends who are hackers, aided by the Mohawk Nation fight it out with the AI (or AIs, as it spawns autonomous agents to do this and that). Rather scary, completely plausable, and hard to put down. What more could you want in a thriller?

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