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Will America Remain American?
by A.X. Perez

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Race is a problem for me. I look White. Since I am Latino many people would say I’m not White. The Government says I’m White Hispanic, as opposed to being White Non-Hispanic, Black Hispanic, Back Non-Hispanic, or whatever. Hispanic and Non-Hispanic racists do not like me. (Actually, most people don’t really care.)

I’ve been told that the US will no longer be a majority White nation by 2050. White Non Hispanics will be the largest minority, but not the majority. Some people consider this deplorable, others find it quite plorable (new word). What I want to know, will the "new" US still be America? will we still enjoy freedom of religion and speech? Will honest, and some not so honest, reasonably sane people enjoy the right to keep and bear arms? Will we retain the right to be secure in their privacy and to not be tortured for confessions? Will we continue to enjoy our freedom? Will America remain free?

Will America remain American?

There are many in this country, White and non White, left wing and right wing, even many moderates, who would be happy to see American freedom die. Some because they find that an acceptable price to achieve their goals for a just world, others for profit, some because they just hate other people’s freedom.

There may be a flood of Western European immigrants making America White again. Maybe we will settle our debt with China by accepting 50 million chines immigrants from the Middle kingdom. The joke Rocco tells in Boondock Saints may come true. A bunch of little green guys may land their flying saucers that reached Earth on their last few grams of fuel that we lack the technology to make the tools to make.

All these things would change the language and culture of America. But as long as they leave us a country based on the ideals embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights I will be content.

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