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Number 942, October 1, 2017

I don’t have to respect authority,
it needs to learn to respect me

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The Editor’s Notes
by Ken Holder

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People complain about how few seem to even understand libertarianism. Some thoughts on that:

How To Sell Soap
by The Zman

Exactly no one is excited about cleaning their clothes or scrubbing a stain from the carpet. If you own a pet, you never look forward to their accidents on the rug or their decision to put their dirty paws on your best trousers. Cleaning up messes, figuring out how to get that stain off the couch cushion, getting the carpets cleaned, these are chores we all do, but we don’t look forward to them. It’s just a part of life, like cutting the grass or cleaning the gutters. No one goes on lawn care vacations or stain removal holidays.
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Yep, there does not seem to be many good salesmen (salespersons? Nah!) selling libertarianism these days. Lots of good Explainers, but selling? Not so much. And the few there are seem to be buried under vast mounds of indifference, ignoring, and more ignoring.


Here is one good dead white explainer:

Bastiat Is Common Sense Personified
When it comes to Frederic Bastiat, one cannot review a collection of his writings without leaving on the proverbial cutting-room floor all sorts of valuable insights.
by John Tamny
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Project Gutenberg has a collection of Bastiat's works, including all of them in French. Check here, and then search for: Bastiat, Frédéric, 1801-1850.


Jerry Pournelle's daughter, Dr. Jennifer Pournelle, delivered the Eulogy, reprinted at The View from Chaos Manor. Moving.


Jim Woosley points us to:

The Grandchildren of ImagineA Blast From The Past Post From August 2014
by Sarah Hoyt

The other day here, someone brought up “Imagine” under if everything we think we know is wrong, then…

Imagine is one of the songs which gets me talking to the supermarket loudspeakers, and not in a good way. If I’m alone in a section I might go so far as to give the speakers the double middle finger. (The others are mostly Phil Collins.)

The problem with Imagine is not that it’s lousy, kitchy, superficial art (it is) or that I tend to like songs that have a bubbly meaning on top and more layered meanings underneath (“I’m not crazy, I’m just a little unwell. I know, right now you can’t tell, but stick around and soon enough you’ll see another part of me.”) I also like plenty of songs that are objectively tempests of sound and percussion signifying nothing.

No. What really gets me going about Imagine is that its pretty, shiny bobbles of concepts are infantile, wrong AND pernicious. And also that it is largely the same concepts I was raised with (not by my parents, but my brother, his friends, the schools, the popular entertainment, etc.)
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Superficial, yet wishful thinking—it is all Popular Culture has anymore. Unimaginative fantasy. Narcissitc self-deception. So it goes.


More reading:

Cuban Doctors Revolt: ‘You Get Tired of Being a Slave’

Elon Musk proposes city-to-city travel by rocket, right here on Earth
‘Anywhere on Earth in under an hour,’ Musk says
by Sean O'Kane

What is ‘Cultural Marxism’? by Devin Foley

And finally:

Why Do So Many Intellectuals Oppose Capitalism? And embrace collectivism? by Alberto Mingardi

Or perhaps “What is Wrong with so many people?! “Went to school in america” seems to be the answer.

Was that worth reading?
Then why not:

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