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Number 936, August 20, 2017

What is politics? What are elections?
For all their faults and failings,
these are the methods by which we
resolve conflicts and decide our
collective national or state or
municipal course of action,
short of war.

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What do you get when you refuse to let a patient, reasonable, well-armed majority order a course change by winning an election?
by Vin Suprynowicz

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Far-left activist and Charlottesville Democrat mayor Michael Signer, already infamous for recommending Charlottesville should be a “sanctuary” for illegal alien felons, for declaring in January that Charlottesville is the “Capital of the Resistance” to duly elected President Donald Trump, and for having police remove anyone who challenges him by speaking up during City Council meetings, now aims to remove all traces of the fact that patriotic Virginians fought for their right to self-determination—their right to secede from the union—150 years ago.

That caused some blowback (as did his failed “Muslim sanctuary” plan), so the mayor promptly blamed his city’s recent violent troubles on Donald Trump, of course, recycling the tired cliché that the New York developer (who has never been shown to have discriminated against blacks or any other minority in hiring or in customer service at any point in his 50-year business career) is a “racist.”

But who is it who has aimed to push the far-left agenda even further than it’s ever been pushed before, to destroy the proud martial culture of the southland, stripping the South even of its time-honored war memorials?

The radical, shameless, America-hating Left, of course.

The Civil War was not fought to end slavery.

Lincoln promised repeatedly and publicly, even in his First Inaugural address, to let the South keep their slaves, if only they would stay in the Union.

Does that sound like he wanted to end slavery? Unless “Honest Abe” was lying through his teeth, of course. Please choose one: a) was happy to see slavery continue in the South; b) was a liar of monstrous and homicidal proportions.

(OK; we’ll allow “Both.”)

Furthermore, Lincoln (surely an “illegitimate” president, a railroad lawyer pretenduing to be a simple country boy, “elected” in a polling in which not a single woman and surely no more than a handful of blacks were allowed to vote!) said intermarriage between the races was an abomination, and wanted to see America’s free blacks resettled somewhere in Central America. (Of course, given that black activists now demand a new segregation, insisting that all white folk are evil and that none shall attend their gatherings, maybe Old Abe was just ahead of his time.)

No, the Civil War was about whether states which had freely entered the union had a right to secede (of course they do), and secondarily about the monstrous and prohibitive protective tariffs favored by the northern industrialists, which forced southerners to buy overpriced Northern goods rather than cheaper imported goods, and sparked retaliatory tariff wars which damaged the profitability of Southern agricultural exports.

Even Lincoln’s “Emancipation Proclamation”—which he admitted to supporters at the time was a mere political gimmick—“freed” only those slaves over whom he had no authority—those within the Confederacy—while leaving his own generals free to continue to use slave labor to harvest the lucrative cotton crops in Texas and Arkansas and parts of Mississippi. (The Yankees promised them some minimal wages—and then cheated them.)

The extremist, far-Left, ignore-the-facts-at-all-costs media tell us “white supremacists” aimed to rally in Charlottesville this weekend to protest the planned removal of a Robert E. Lee statue.

OK, it appears there may well have been some fringe “white supremacists” in Charlottesville Saturday—just as the presence of Black Lives Matter to stage a counter-protest guarantees us there were also some “black supremacists” present. Search the weekend work product of CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times and the Washington Post and let me know how many times the phrase “black supremacists” shows up.

You don’t have to be a “white supremacist” to apply for a lawful permit to stage (or simply to attend) a rally protesting the purposeful desecration of a memorial to Southern martial culture and the right to liberty and self-determination, a memorial honoring an indisputably great man and war hero (even if Lee should have liastened to Longstreet at Gettysburg and moved to place his forces between Meade and Washington City.) Nor does anyone in the less and less “mainstream” media have any right to use “white supremacists” as a blanket label for any and all Americans who wish to preserve and honor that heritage and tradition, objecting to the PC gang’s attempt to rewrite our history.

Mayor Signer and his radical cohorts changed the protesters’ permit, instructing them to rally only in a different park, far away from the statue in question. Heck, why didn’t they just instruct them to stage their rally in Guam? Fortunately, the ACLU sued, the courts intervened, and the permit was granted for the proper park—the one with the statue. So why did police funnel the law-abiding demonstrators directly past the violent Communist thugs—the so called “Antifa” and Black Lives Matter “counter-demonstrators” (who had not bothered to apply for any permits), allowing the troublemakers to start the violence, as reported to Brietbart News by a Finnish national who attended the rally with friends out of concern about “the rewriting of history”? Remember Berkeley? Could it be these leftist politicians WANT violence?

The so-called “Antifa” protesters are basically black-clad communists throwing rocks and bottles, spraying people in the face with pepper spray, all the crap the Left has been doing ever since the night Trump was elected, nine months ago. (It appears they actually brought homemade flamethrowers to Charlottesville.) And the response is to “condemn the violence on all sides”?

Of course President Trump had no choice but to say that. If he’d said one word about the right of Virginians to peacefully protest the removal of a Robert E. Lee statue by America-hating leftists, the braying lapdog “we’re so holy” press would of course have chanted in unison “That proves he’s a racist like we’ve been telling you! He wants to reinstate slavery!”

(Never mind the fact that the 13th amendment banned slavery for only 46 years. “Slavery” is the condition under which the law holds certain classes of persons owe some portion of their lives, their labor, and the fruits of that labor to a master, no matter whether we call that master “massa” or “Uncle Sam.” With the (supposed) 1913 ratification of Lincoln’s federal income tax—previously and properly held to be unconstitutional—slavery returned to these shores … for everyone. See Burton Folsom’s “Emancipating Slaves, Enslaving Free Men”—or any of Tom DiLorenzo’s eye-opening books on the Tyrant Lincoln.)

(As per correction below [not included here—Editor], the book “Emanipating Slaves …” is actually by historian Jeffrey Rogers Hummel, Research Fellow at the Independent Institute and Associate Professor of Economics at San Jose State University.—V.)

They seek to undo the election

But in fact, condemning “everyone” is like walking into Warsaw in October of 1939 and saying “These Poles and Germans have been fighting! They both need to be condemned and punished!”

No, the German invaded Poland; the Poles tried to defend themselves. Only the Germans needed to be condemned and punished. The schoolmarm’s answer—separate the boys and punish them both—may seem simpler to the bureaucratic mind, which makes no distinctions between “right” and “wrong”, “moral” and “immoral,” but it’s not Justice. Justice involves the more painstaking and difficult process of determining who started it.

Who went to Charlottesville Saturday with the purpose of using violence to suppress the free-speech rights of others?

What is politics? What are elections? For all their faults and failings, these are the methods by which we resolve conflicts and decide our collective national or state or municipal course of action, short of war.

Is anyone paying attention, here? “Short of war.” The last resort “short of war.”

Nine months ago, American elected Donald Trump because he promised to substantially limit immigration—especially by Muslims, the majority of whom want to force us to bow to Sharia law—to build a border wall, to roll back the absurdities of the Global-Warming Green Gaia Religion being imposed on us as a state religion by the EPA in violation of the First Amendment, to hose out the stables of “campaign contribution” corruption in Washington, to oppose the far-left Democrat “public-school-and-health-care” agenda that would see all out children converted into sterile, whining, defenseless hermaphrodites.

But Michael Signer’s far-left radical activists and their braying lapdog media will not accept that decision, that judgment of the majority of the people in the vast majority of the states.

No, they believe they can remove a duly elected president, meanwhile stalling his agenda by “resist resist resist,” refusing to approve even his routine appointments, preventing him from going about the peaceful and orderly business of setting a new agenda for the sundry federal agencies and departments, until their bizarre and long-since-disproven “The Russians stole the election” narrative can succeed in removing Trump from office, which their spokeswoman Maxine Waters now tells us will be achieved by Christmas.

Once again, what are politics and elections? Methods short of war and violence for the people to demand a course change.

And if a minority refuses to acknowledge the propriety of that binding outcome—refuses to allow the majority of the people in the majority of the states to effect reasonable, moderate change at the polls? What option remains to those frustrated, peaceful voters?

Our left-wing college campuses now offer courses on how people should feel Ashamed to be White, on “White Guilt and Privilege,” now insist that applications for many grants and scholarships should be open only to racial minorities and to illegal immigrants—not to white American citizens and especially white and Asian males.

(Yes, these “Progressives” even discriminate, massively and unapologetically, against ASIANS. Why? Because Asians work too hard and do too well in school, of course, which “isn’t fair.”)

The grandparents and great-grandparents of many “white Americans” came here after slavery was abolished, and worked hard to succeed despite virulent prejudice against Jews, Italians, Irish—I’ll refrain from lostings all the racial epithets.

It appears these leftist America-haters really want a race and culture war. Have they stopped to count who has the most guns? They think victory generally goes to the whiners, who require “safe rooms” with cuddle dolls when they “feel offended?” And this is what they have made of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the men who captured Iwo Jima, stormed Utah Beach, and crossed the Rapido and the Rhine?

For thousands of years—probably longer—men have raised livestock and tended fields, storing their surplus to feed their families through the winter, selling the excess to exchange for the goods of manufacturers and tradesmen.

For thousands of years—probably longer—barbarians have roamed the horizon, hoping to steal those civilized men’s cattle, eat the food in their granaries, rape their wives and daughters, get children on them or sell them into slavery. And through all that time, men have known they had to be ready, at some point, to fight to defend what they’d gained through their labors.

Washington and Jefferson and James Monroe knew it. Robert E. Lee knew it.

Why do some civilizations fall? Watch Western Europe, which is about to fall. If the Muslims again poured over the horizon by the thousands on horseback, waving swords and shrieking their desire to kill, rape or seize everything in their paths, Europe’s men might—might—still fight back.

But I doubt it.

Sometime in the past century, while no one was looking, it appears someone cut off those men’s balls. Now, so long as the tens and hundreds of thousands of invaders whine “We’re just defenseless refugees; you have to let us settle here; you have to give us free housing and food because we’re pathetic. And by the way, you have to let us build a mosque and you have to ban alcohol and make it a crime to insult our prophet or to try to convert a Muslim to Christianity, and you have to start wrapping up your women in burkas and hajibs and habobs and haboobs to avoid offending us or else we’ll rape them,” the men of Europe (if there are any left) … do nothing.

The mayors and heads of government of Germany and France and Scandinavia—can it really be a coincidence that so many of them are women, or pussy boys?—or Muslims, already?—insist they must accommodate, placate, appease these invaders. Well, OK, perhaps we could hand out a pamphlet, explaining that rape isn’t nice.

It worked out so well for Neville Chamberlain.

‘We are never, ever going to let you build your stupid wall!’

Americans saw what’s happening there, and voted that it’s not going to happen here. But the leftists have had things all their way for 50 years—have pushed their agenda further and further, WAY beyond mere racial equality and tolerance, with which the vast majority of Americans were fine.

At this point, they can’t BELIEVE their side is allowed to ever lose. After all, they’ve got the New York Times and the Washington Post on their side! Compared to that, what’s a little technicality like every state from Pennsylvania to Arizona going Republican?

(Am I saying we shouldn’t be tolerant of Islam? Absolutely. Of course there are folks of Middle Eastern EXTRACTION who have come here and become good and loyal Americans, embracing our cherished tradition of the separation of religion and state. They’re welcome. But the kind of people who bombed the Boston Marathon, shot up the Pulse Nightclub, folks like the repulsive “aggrieved” Muslim Nidal Malik Hasan, who accepted American taxpayer assistance to get his medical degree, then used his status as an Army Major to murder a dozen of the very men he was sworn to care for? Once these barbarians publicly remove from their holy book—which is in fact a doctrine for armed conquest—all the stuff about killing and torturing “non-believers” who refuse to convert, ripping their bellies open with hot irons and the like—once they apologize for that crap, acknowledge their “prophet” was one sadistic pervert who married little girls, and convince us they have no intention of spreading his poisonous doctrine of violent conquest any further, we can talk.)

The Left now refuse to acknowledge the American people have called for a major change of course. All they have to do, they’re convinced, is to “get Trump” with some absurd manufactured narrative about “the Russians stealing the election,” and those who voted for Trump will shrug and go, “Oh well, tough luck, we tried,” and everything will go back to The Way It Was—the Hillary-Obama race to cultural suicide instantly restored, open borders and mosques replacing churches on every town green and abortion as the preferred method of birth control to quickly thin out the descendants of those who settled this land in the 17th and 18th and 19th and early 20th Centuries, all our remaining children and grandchildren shot up with hormones to turn them into “transgendered” hermaphrodites to end America’s “evil, oppressive, male-dominated warlike culture” …

… for a few decades, anyway, till America falls under the complete sway of the Muslims’ far more male-dominated, far more warlike, far more repressive and anti-feminist and homophobic 9th Century culture, which recognizes NO SEPARATION OF RELIGION AND STATE, an idea that didn’t gain currency in the civilized (that is to say, non-Muslim) world till the 1700s.

“We are never, ever going to let you build your stupid wall!” shouted Elizabeth Warren, the fake Native American leftist academic from Massachusetts, at a campaign speech this weekend.

OK, I think I’ve got this straight. The people voted for the wall. But The Left says we’re not allowed to change course on important issues like the Open Borders promoted by Barack Hussein Obama, the son of Communists who bowed to the king of Arabia and wrote that the Muslim call to prayer is “the most beautiful sound I ever heard,” by going to the polls and winning an election.

So: Someone needs to remind prancing poseurs like Miss Warren that elections and politics exist to allow the people to change the nation’s course without resorting to war and death and violence.

You know: the kind of shooting war that Democratic activist James T. Hodgkinson already launched back on June 14—widely cheered by the Leftists in Hollywood and in the media—when he opened fire on the Republican congressional softball team in Alexandria, Virginia, intending murder, as his answer to an election result he didn’t like.

If these insane Leftist extremists refuse to bow to the electoral process and the will of the majority of the people in the majority of the states—if they ignore and contradict Hillary Clinton’s own words during the final presidential debate last October, when she lectured us: “That’s horrifying. That’s not the way our democracy works. We’ve been around 240 years. We’ve had free and fair elections and we’ve accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them” … then the people who were patient and waited and went to the polls and successfully voted for a change of course and are now being stymied and frustrated, refused the just reward for their right and proper, their peaceful and deliberate actions, have only one remaining recourse.

What The Left and their “Antifa” gangs are telling us, in fact, is that they intend to LEAVE US no other option.

If they’re not going to allow us to accomplish any substantial change by winning elections, they must mean they want us to employ the only other option they’ve left us:

shooting back.

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