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Number 934, August 6, 2017

To say that the Conservatives have lost
the cultural war is too kind. To say that
they have not fought it is too kind. The
truth is that most of them have shown no
awareness that there ever was one to fight.

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The Editor’s Notes
by Ken Holder

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Some days I wounder if it is really worth it to get out of bed and see what is happening in the “real world”:

LAPD Chief "Warns of Apocalypse if National Concealed Carry Passes"
by Russ Chastain
Just when you think we've spread enough pro-gun truth to educate folks, you see something like this. Namely, an article from Awr Hawkins in which Charlie Beck, the chief of police for Los Angeles, claims that more concealed firearms in the hands of citizens is dangerous for police. [...]

Of course, Los Angeles, the crazy part of California, which is crazy all over actually, or working up to it anyway. I lived in California for a while. Never again! Alas, I have children and grandchildren living there, although one kid moved to Texas, where life is more civilized. “Live not among the barbarians, for they might eat you.”


However, the main external article of the week I wanted to point you to is:

Why the Left Would Win the Next Civil War
by billj

He does have a point. The (so-called) “left” are masters of organization for action (usually having no real lives to speak of) whereas us “Leave Me Aloners” are rather isolated and alone, political action-wise. Not joiners much. We usually prefer to keep our politics to ourselves, seeing as how it is our business and not the business of anyone else. So … well, read the article and think on it. Although 4th Generation Warfare might not require much joining-up to be effective. I have not thought much about this myself. I am already overwhelmed by things I need to think about, books I need to read, and all that good stuff. Yep, just a busy fellow am I. Also, time for a nap.


Solar minimums may be final piece of puzzle in fall of Western civilisation
By Sam Khoury

You may have noticed that I keep pointing out that Climate Change is caused by the Sun. I first noticed that in Historical Geology class in college back 50 years ago or so. That idea may have finally gotten around to other people? Of course, if Climate Change is caused by the Sun then passing laws and raising taxes and appointing dictators and becoming an authoritarian totalitarian government is not going to help is it? Nope.


Speaking of books, I have read a few good ones lately and will try and tell you about them next week, seeing as how that nap looms.

See you next week, n-kay?

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