Narrated by talk show host, Brian Wilson, “Down With Power” a Libertarian
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Number 932, July 23, 2017

Perhaps it is time for each person to mind their
own business, make their own decisions and choices
about everything, and be responsible personally
for the consequences of those choices.

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The Editor’s Notes
by Ken Holder

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

In sez here on my calendar that today is “Parents Day”. Just who decides these things, anyway? And … why?


Mr. Schulman has an interesting article this issue about memory and its puzzles. Being old I’m loosing my memory, so am puzzled all the time, but that is not here nor there nor elsewhere. Well, maybe elsewhere? Who knows! Mr. Schulman says “Physicists who consider the existence of parallel universes or multidimensional realities consider that there might be slippages between or among them.” I just wish I could get some slippage from a universe where I remain youthful and intelligent!


Political Life here in the United Snakes continues to be hilarious. What more could we ask for?

Okay, I know some people think we should all be serious and rational and thoughtful and trying to be all we can be, but … I just can’t stop laughing.


I did manage to go all week without reading a Russian novel, so things could be worse … or different?

On the other hand, I started re-reading The Story of Civilization by Will (& Ariel) Durant, that link to’s Kindle version is all in one gigantic file! (Individual Kindle e-book volumes from Volume 1 Our Oriental Heritage, Volume 2 The Life of Greece, Volume 3 Caesar and Christ, Volume 4 The Age of Faith, Volume 5 The Renaissance, Volume 6 The Reformation, Volume 7 The Age of Reason Begins, Volume 8 The Age of Louis XIV, Volume 9 The Age of Voltaire, Volume 10 Rousseau and Revolution, Volume 11 The Age of Napoleon, and The Lessons of History. Or, you could get the paper version. All via, the happiest place on earth. No, that place is Disneyland, it says that right at the front gate there. And it is a very nifty place all right.)

This would be the … 4th time I have read the set? Can’t remember. Anyway, it is now in e-book so I thought I'd do it again—e-books are so much easier to hold for reading. I may never read a paper book again, unless the power goes off for good. Okay, I have lots of reference books that either are not in e-book yet or else I can not afford them. (Yes, I do sometimes read reference books, being a lunatic and stuff.)

My, I do go on about books don’t I. That is because all I do is read, except when I go to the grocery store. It is a hard life, but somebody has to do it. Uh huh.

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