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Number 930, July 9, 2017

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The Editor’s Notes
by Ken Holder

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What a week. I just am not able to tolerate this heat these days. Old age is probably why. Like to near passed out from it yesterday. However, the “monsoon” season started yesterday, and that usually cools things off. But then I just am not able to tolerate the high humidity either. Did somebody just say “Ya can’t win, sucker!”

Last issue I let you know that Hans G. Schantz had just relased A Rambling Wreck, the second volume of a tale began in The Hidden Truth, which I also recommended highly a while back. Go get ’em. You will be glad you did.

Formats: Kindle, or paperback.

You will be glad you did assuming you enjoy the “Techno Thriller” style of novel. Closely related to “Science Fiction” or what Mr. Heinlein called “Speculative Fiction”, a Techno Thriller is an action/adventure/mystery story in which technology (i.e. Science + Engineering) are strong parts of the plot. It helps if the author has some knowlege of technology, of course. Mr Schantz, for example, has a PhD in Physics.

The King of the Techno Thriller of course is Neil Stephenson. I'll just point to a few here: Snow Crash [Kindle] [paperback], The Diamond Age [Kindle] [paperback], Reamde [Kindle] [paperback], Seveneves [Kindle] [paperback] [hardback], Anathem [Kindle] [paperback] [hardback], The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O. (coauthor Nicole Galland) [Kindle] [paperback] [hardback].

And I recently discovered a splendid new Techno Thriller author, viz, to wit: Daniel Suarez. A few: DAEMON [Kindle] [paperback], Freedom™ (part 2 of Daemon) [Kindle] [paperback], Kill Decision [Kindle] [paperback], Influx [Kindle] [paperback], and Change Agent (his latest, I'm in the middle of it now) [Kindle] [paperback] [hardback]. Wow, he gives a real roller-coaster of a ride! Change Agent and Kill Decision have some ideas that are freaky-scary, but not horror, more I hope nobody ever actually builds something like that!


Okay, what about The Brothers Karamazov that I mentioned a few issues ago? Well, sir, some people say it is The Greatest Novel Ever Written. I can not say that, not having read every novel ever written, nor even ever wanted to do such a thing! I have read a lot of novels, though, so I have something to compare it to. All of the characters seem insane, drunk, or both. Yet the telling of The Brothers Karamazov makes it strangely hard to put down. So, okay, yes, it is A Great Book all right. I would say you should go read it. Reading Great Books is one of the things that make us Civilized after all. Western Civilization Civilized.


Why Kindle? That is the majority ebook reader. The epub format, and whatever format the Apple iPad uses make up a small amount of the total. Sorry. Get a Kindle, they are great!. My wife hardly ever uses her laptop or desktop these days, just that handy Kindle Fire 7 HD she got for Christmas a couple years ago.


And a reader passes on this little link to The Daily Caller website. (Investagative Journalism and all that.) “EXCLUSIVE: Study Finds Temperature Adjustments Account For ‘Nearly All Of The Warming’ In Climate Data” by Michael Bastasch. It seems there has been a bit of fudging with the data. Which is what thinking people have suspected all along, seeing as how the folks who are all hot and bothered about “Climate Change” have the hidden agenda of a Totalitarian Dictatorship with (surprise!) themselves as dictators.


One last thing: couple days ago I saw a movied called Pearl Harbor. Came out in 2001 it sez here, and I remember reading a review (I still read newspapers back then), the review said it was okay except for the sappy love story tacked-on. Yes, typical Hollywood-nitwits love story, so bad ya are embarrased for the actors. Anyway, fast-forward through all that and watch the attack on Pearl Harbor sequence—that is the most terrifying thing I have ever seen. Almost as terrifying as being there. Get it: [DVD], [Blu-ray], or [Amazon Video].

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