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Number 917, April 9, 2017

Reality is Reality

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The Editor Speaks (Types ?)
by Ken Holder

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Jeff Fullerton points to Mitt Romney Might Vote for LP Ticket of Gary Johnson and William Weld and writes:

A fitting endorsement that speaks volumes about what is wrong with both the Republican Party and the Libertarian Party. That trio definitely belonged together! I wish the LP will someday get its act together and stand again on its founding principles because it would be nice if we had a real alternative to the party of the elephant vs the party of the ass and not just tyranny warmed over.

Which was what the Johnson/Weld ticket offered in the bye gone election. A party that runs republican and democrat retreads. And another great opportunity for the LP to set itself apart was blown at time when dissatisfaction with both major parties was at an all time high.

Nice work boys!

Of course, them boys aren’t going to do that on account of that there so-called “Libertarian Party” currently exists for the sole purpose of not making an alternative avalible to the American People. No, sir, it’s “One Party, Of the Bosses, For the Bosses, and You Better Watch Yerself Buddy!”.

Well, they’re not rounding us up for the camps yet. If I live as long as my parents, I’ve got another 20 years to go before I hit 90, so I may end up in them camps yet. We’ll sing songs around the slop-tables at dinner time, I betcha!

Giovanni Martelli’ TOP KEK is missing this week due to an overwhelming work-load elsewhere. We hope she’s back next week!

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