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Number 916, April 2, 2017

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TOP KEK: The Best of the Internet, 24 March-01 April 2017
by Giovanni Martelli
Twitter: @GioforPeace (several keks a day) @99luftballons (free-speech platform)

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

Hello and welcome back to Top Kek, your one-stop shop for the best and dumbest of the internet this week! Last week, my boyfriend and I found ourselves on a cross-country roadtrip; a whole lot of stupid happened while we was gone, but on a personal note, I was very pleased to discover that the violent hatred lobbed at supporters of the president is not nearly as widespread as I had been led to believe. Here are a couple of photos taken in the heart of the Washington, DC swamp, where only a few people gave me the side-eye.
Giovanni at White House
Giovanni & Boyfriend at Washington Monument

Let’s roll!
The Corbett Report—The Unauthorized Biography of David Rockefeller
David Rockefeller died last week at the age of 101. He was a man who lived an opulent life, and it is a symbol of this life that in the years prior to his death, he is said to have used up as many as six hearts (before finally dying of congestive heart failure). This documentary sheds an hour’s worth of light on the shady dealings of the late David Rockefeller, and is well worth the time.
Uncle Hotep—If you believe the Russian “Narrative” you side with Dick Cheney
Uncle Hotep spits truth on what we’ve known all along: the same propagandists who sent young Americans to kill and die in Iraq are now out for Russian blood.
Styxhexenhammer666—Kekonomics: Venezuelans now (Sort of) Using Rare Pepes as Currency
Venezuelans aren’t printing out Pepes to buy bread, but they have begun to use Bitcoin for their individual survival. Styx explains.
H Drone—Why HWNDU Got Trolled
Last week, Shia Labeouf planted a new flag atop the FACT building in Liverpool. Within a day and a half, an anon from /pol/ found his way to the livestream location and the top of the building, but discovered that the flag had been zip-tied to the pole; he left when the police arrived, and the flag and livestream were both taken down, possibly never to return. Here’s a good retrospective on why /pol/ so ruthlessly went after Shia.
RT—Vault 7: “Marble” tool could mask CIA attacks as work of foreign cyber-attackers
This week, WikiLeaks released the third part of its CIA Vault 7 series, which contains information on the “Marble” tool, which enables the CIA to frame foreign governments in part by using foreign languages.
Sargon of Akkad—The Natural Enemies of YouTube
Over the past few months, YouTube has been betraying its content creators by demonetizing their videos, hiding them behind “restricted content” walls, and slamming them with unjust content violations. The censorship is getting out of hand, and who could possibly be the driving force behind it? Perhaps the corporate media’s constant attacks on YouTubers has something to do with it.
An0maly—Do Democrats Want War with Russia?
An0maly is a rising hip-hop artist who started out 2016 as a Bernie Sanders supporter; over the past several months, he has discovered the corruption of the two-headed establishment, and now livestreams regularly on Facebook and YouTube in support of President Trump’s anti-globalist agenda.
Chris Ray Gun—Punch a Nazi (feat. Rucka Rucka Ali)
This video is just barely out of date for this week, but I didn’t want anyone to miss it. Chris Ray Gun’s Social Justice: The Musical (of which this video is the fifth part) is full of chuckles.

Thanks once again for joining me for Top Kek. That’s it for this week, but I fully expect that the week ahead will be just as dumb as this one; until then, peace and shadilay!

Giovanni Martelli

Giovanni Martelli is a twenty-something, left-leaning, anti-war/anti- corruption activist, living in Fort Collins, Colorado. She enjoys traveling (her favorite destination being Florence, Italy), collecting and playing unusual string instruments, and studying foreign languages. She wholeheartedly supports President Donald J. Trump in part because of his efforts to make good on his campaign promises, and in part because it deeply annoys her liberal friends. Praise Kek, all day, every day; meme magic is real.

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