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Number 916, April 2, 2017

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Another Message for the Left
by Sean Gangol

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Special to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

You know what, guys? I was really hoping that you would be smart enough to take the high road, but I clearly misjudged your ability to act like rational human beings. It was bad enough when you guys had to throw hissy fits and Molotov Cocktails in several major cities when Donald Trump managed to get elected. Then there was the rioting during his inauguration, which I thought was disgraceful enough. More recently at Berkeley, you guys took it upon yourselves to start fights, set fires, destroy university property and even manage to break windows of a few businesses that were just trying to make a living, just so you could keep a gay conservative from speaking at your precious campus. Just what exactly are you guys hoping to accomplish?

The worst part is that there are some in your movement who consider the rioting in Berkley to be a crowning achievement, since they were able to keep one of your adversaries from invading their safe space. Yvette Felarca, who led that anti-Milo protest at Berkley said on several interviews that she didn’t at all regret the violent actions of the mob that she led, since it stopped a racist fascist from being able to recruit new members. I think it is amazing that these same people who are demanding free college education are too intellectually lazy to take five minutes to look up the words racist and fascist on Wikipedia. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t list racists as men who are British/Greek/Jewish/Catholic/gay and happen to be attracted to black men like Milo Yiannopoulos. If anything, he actually fits the definition of diversity. You also need to realize that it is the actions of your side that best resembles the tactics of the Brown Shirts in 1930’s Germany. Let us not forget that the Alt.Right is another label that you like to give your opposition, whether they actually share the same values of this group, such as white nationalism or not. Apparently, the Alt.Right has replaced the Koch Brothers as your boogeyman. Hell, not even the Alt.Right, which I have many disagreements with, have oppressed their opposition as you have. As the old saying goes “actions speak louder than words.” So far it is your actions that are fascist in nature.

The sad part is that this entire campaign, which on a good day involves slander and on a bad day involves physical suppression, is that you think you are winning. In reality, I think it actually shows desperation on your part. It shows that you guys know that deep down your ideas have little to no merit, so instead of debating them like sane, rational adults do, you try to shut down the conversation. Those tactics may have worked during the days of pre-camera phones, pre- internet and pre-YouTube. The days when your actions weren’t as well recorded and made open to public scrutiny are over. People have seen your antics a million times over and I am pretty sure there first thoughts aren’t “Wow, those guys are rioting and throwing Molotov cocktails. There ideas must reign supreme.” Their thoughts are probably more along the lines of “Sweet Jesus! Those leftists are insane.” On top of that I am pretty sure that they are probably wondering what it is about our ideas that is working you guys up into a frenzy. This will lead to more people being interested in what the conservatives and libertarians have to say. So, in the end your tactics will achieve nothing.

It’s also interesting to note that as Joseph Paul Watson from Infowars also pointed out, it is your side that has become the establishment and it is the right that has become the new counter- culture. It used to be the other way around. It used to be the uptight members of the religious right that called for the government to censor movies, record albums and just about everything else that they found objectionable. This made the forbidden fruit more appealing to teenagers and to anyone else who wondered why it caused so much controversy. The religious right lost that battle and the left became the establishment. Now, the right has been gaining more ground, which means that they could end up becoming the establishment. Considering that the next generation, known as Generation Z is believed to be the most conservative, I wouldn’t be surprised if it is your side that is driven underground. Personally, as much I have grown to despise your side over the years, I personally believe that we are going to need a counter balance to those who are too conservative. So maybe it’s time that you guys give up trying to suppress any opinion that doesn’t match your own. Hell, you guys are even scaring away prominent liberals such as Dave Rubin. No matter how many Molotov cocktails you throw, windows you break or how hard you try to suppress opinions that don’t match your own, you will still lose in the end. So, you can lose gracefully and keep what little you guys have left of your credibility or you can keep using the same tactics that keep failing you. Just remember that if you chose the latter, than you are just going to speed up your demise.

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