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Number 911, February 26, 2017

It’s been a week full of media lies

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TOP KEK: The Best of the Internet, 17-24 February 2017
by Giovanni Martelli
Twitter: @GioforPeace (several keks a day) @99luftballons (free-speech platform)

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Hi folks, and welcome to another week of Top Kek, where we take a look at the best (and stupidest) of the internet. This week we’ll be spending some time with the Very Fake News, which has been making its presence clearly known. A little about me, before we begin: 27. I identify as a border wall. Anti-war, anti-SJW. #FreeKekistan. Banned on Twitter by George Takei.

On Sunday evening, prominent gay, Jewish, British anti-SJW lecturer and former Breitbart Editor Milo Yiannopoulos was announced as the keynote speaker for CPAC. On Monday morning, a purported corporate media insider posted on 4chan’s notorious /pol/ board that we ought to expect a media onslaught, which would lead to the labeling of Milo as a pedophile; on Monday afternoon, that is exactly what we got. A slew of articles popped up, seemingly out of nowhere; CNN’s yapping, squealing Jake Tapper tweeted out his disdain for Milo, and by the time the afternoon was over, Milo had lost his job, his book deal, and his speaking engagement. Unfortunately for his detractors, this has served only to embolden the huddled masses; a furious tweetstorm in support of Milo, as well as the discovery of multiple liberal personalities making similar comments, appears to have somewhat abated the attack on him. My father and I have written a longer and more detailed assessment of the Milo situation (“The Perils of Milo”, also out this week), so I won’t expend too much effort on it, but it is to Milo that I dedicate this week’s edition of Top Kek.
Milo Yiannopoulos Full Press Conference (2/21/17)
Milo’s response to the media’s smear campaign was to give a half-hour long press conference, in which he apologized for any effect that his remarks may have had on those who have suffered childhood sexual abuse as he did.
PewDiePie—How About That…
Milo is certainly not the only public feature currently weathering controversy. Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie, has a massive number of followers (nearly 54 million of us at the time of this writing), and he recently lost his Disney sponsorship as a result of thought-policing by the WSJ, who reported him to Disney and YouTube for perceived “anti-semitic” content in his videos. His response to this was a heartfelt apology, but it was clearly not enough; now PewDiePie is at war with the media.
Buzzfeed—How YouTube Serves as the Content Engine of the Internet’s Dark Side
Late Friday night (or early Saturday morning), this article made its way to the internet. It is a hit piece on former HuffPo contributor David Seaman, who has suffered for many weeks the slings and arrows of reporting on controversial topics. In this piece (archived here so that Buzzfeed will not receive clicks on its atrocious yellow journalism), author Joseph Bernstein derides Colorado resident David Seaman, accusing him of spreading “viral fake news” in his video series on Pizzagate, the biggest political scandal of the new century.

It’s not just Seaman who is targeted in this hit-piece, but also Alex Jones, Mike Cernovich, Stefan Molyneux, Paul Joseph Watson, and Sargon of Akkad (Carl Benjamin).
Seaman’s response.
Response by YouTuber reallygraceful.

The silver lining in all this, of course, is that the onslaught of attacks on the “new media” opens up the old media for criticism.
CNN Leaks are Live! This week, James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas released about 200 hours of audio recorded in CNN’s Atlanta headquarters in 2009. The audio is low-quality, but some gems have already been identified.

The upset surrounding CPAC this week, however, was the most interesting of all.

It is no surprise that the corporate media is wetting themselves over Steve Bannon. After all, Bannon was a friend to Andrew Breitbart and rumors suggest that he may be the keeper of Andrew’s secrets.
In 2011, Breitbart knew that John Podesta—low-energy peddler of shit-tier candidates, alleged sadistic pedophile, and now columnist for the Washington Post—was hiding something. “What’s in your closet, John Podesta?” he asked a journalist from Slate. “Big Podesta? Big Soros?”

The media is unafraid to attack Bannon—calling him the real power behind Trump’s administration, questioning his health and mental wellness, and accusing him of wanting to destroy the country. It has called his views dark and dismal and a number of other unpleasant names.
Steve Bannon, Reince Priebus Interview at CPAC 2017
Unsurprisingly, it is neither a dark nor dismal worldview that Bannon shares with us in this interview alongside Reince Priebus. It is not the country which Bannon wishes to destroy, but the burdensome, useless governmental authorities which bog us down and deny us any chance at real progress.
Also at CPAC, the Huffington Post’s Ryan Clayton was caught handing out Russian flags emblazoned with TRUMP in gold. In this short clip, James O’Keefe takes a moment to enjoy Clayton’s eviction.
Clayton is mentioned by name in this article, but it slips under the radar that Americans Take Action is connected to Robert Creamer, who lost his job last fall for having been caught training paid agitators in bird-dogging at Trump rallies.
Here is a brief interview with Clayton after he was removed from CPAC, in which he discusses in great detail the threat posed to the United States by President Trump.

Oh wait, I’m sorry. I meant to say “in which he shows himself to be an utter imbecile.”

It’s been a week full of media lies, and I expect we’ll be seeing many more such weeks to come—so for now, we can sit back and laugh. I must extend credit where credit is due and thank the wonderful people of r/The_Donald on Reddit for their constant vigilance (and the joy with which they destroy these lies).

If you’re on Twitter and wish to join our campaign against political correctness and censorship of “the wrong opinions,” please take a look at #GasTheJokes and contribute! I’ll be back next week with some more fresh, hot keks.

Giovanni Pepe Martelli

Giovanni Martelli
Twitter: @GioforPeace (several keks a day) @99luftballons (free-speech platform

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