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Number 911, February 26, 2017

It’s been a week full of media lies

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Notes From New Zealand
by Nic Leobold

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

New Zealand looks small on a map, but just like most geography, it feels really big.

And because New Zealand is at the end of the world, compared to everywhere else, you often feel like this is the end of the world.

But it isn’t the end, of anything.

It appears to me you can choose going in more than 5 directions from here: a Quantas flight to Eastern Australia runs about $300. You can also fly up and West to East & Central Asia. Directly above is Tonga, French Polynesia, and Hawaii. Or, you can just fly to any destination on the American West Coast, not to mention Alaska or Canada. (There’s at least one NZ home airline, Air New Zealand.)

So anyone contemplating escaping to New Zealand, like Neil McCauley in the classic film Heat, keep in mind that everywhere in the world, including New Zealand, is just a plane ride or two away.

But escaping is not why I landed in NZ. Yet, my visit still exacerbated problems which end up causing me to try and stay, or might lure me back again.

But enough about me! Here are my Notes From New Zealand, from a franco-American outside the New York City Propaganda Matrix: ?

1. I predicted all along Trump would be much better than baby killers Hitlery & NObama, and so far I’m tremendously right, and correct. A lot of Trump’s agenda is statist/Socialist, yet most people are not being honest in criticizing The Donald, because America might have to make numerous intermediate compromises and detours before becoming The Land of The Free and Brave again. Think about it; even Switzerland, HK and Singapore control their borders. Even European countries, including Scandinavia, want freer markets and more laissez-faire. So give Donald a chance.

2. The u.S. markets are loving President Trump’s attitude and fast business pace, but the u.S. markets are also ripe for a large correction or crash; the u.S. has serious economic imbalances, enormous debt, enormous malinvestment, bad taxes and countless inequities and financial injustice. So investors should be very cautious, and middle- & working class families and individuals should prepare for harder economic times & possible crises—just in case. The Powers That Be can manipulate the world economy for years and decades, but they also cannot violate basic laws of economics forever. So, financial change IS coming toward us at some point.

3. New Zealand & Australian police are a special breed. It’s usually kingdoms where you find a higher class of courtesy and manners, as opposed to the “democratic” “republics”. It’s likely just a sad detail of life in this century. If you want officials who show courtesy & regard for the citizenry, you should experience visiting kingdoms like NZ, Thailand, Spain, Japan, Monaco, etc.

4. Just want to remind my American readers struggling with another brutally cold winter, Down Under here the seasons are reversed and it’s gloriously sunny & mild now most days. Australasia is a great place to vacation during American winters.

5. For American 2nd Amendment supporters & outdoors enthusiasts, I’m told New Zealand has a large & active hunting and sportsperson community. There are air shooting ranges, baseball batting cages, not to mention plenty of motorcycle dealers and horse stables.

6. New Zealand & Australia are amazing countries, places every serious traveler & adventurer should sample. What sells me even more is that casinos & sports betting is legal throughout most of Australasia. The casinos here are very high quality. I love both Crown Casino Melbourne & SkyCity Auckland. Having great casinos convenient to your traveling makes life super sweet for any Player, Playboy/girl, high roller or aspiring casino junkie. :-D

7. So Thank you NZ & AUS!!! I’m having a grand time and your countries are so impressive, let’s Let the Good Times Roll! :-)??

Finally, I want to remind libertarians & Free Market Classical Liberals that you should observe different countries, regions, and peoples and glean strategy & approaches from what you see, because, not only are there real ways to be libertarian & Classically Liberal everywhere, but you need to be reminded that the Fight For Liberty & Good is eternal; so you’d better learn to deal with the status quo and/or go around it, and learn to enjoy life more and more regardless of political reality…Because: Guess what?:

Life Is Good!

Thank You very much,

I wish you All The Best,

Good luck & Godspeed!

+Plus 2 Aussie/All Blacks ‘Cheers’ & ‘No worries!’ :-)

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