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Number 896, October 30, 2016

My career has largely been a matter of
contemplating the future, as my
understanding of history and human nature
leads me to expect it will develop, and
imagining how folks living in it will behave.

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Latest News from Greater Appalacia: The Donald Trump House
by Jeff Fullerton

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

He’s Everywhere!

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Quite a spectacle on the road going through the village of Youngstown on the outskirts of Latrobe. Totally blows away the Hillary Clinton campaign HQ in Altoona. And the sewage dumping bus too! This and the mother of all yard signs I pass on my usual route to work on the other end of town.

illo to fullerton 806 article

And there was this one across the road from the guy I take my vehicles to for inspections and repairs.

illo to fullerton 806 article

If only I had more time for a more in depth article because the last few weeks have been a lot to write about between the news and personal struggles to keep my head above water dealing with yet more unexpected expenses in the way of another vehicle repair and more furnace issues. But that in itself may explain the phenomenon of Trump’s popularity in the rural and exurban culture of Greater Appalachia. If everyone else is struggling to keep their head above water like I am- it is no surprise if they are wanting for a change of direction. They are worried they might not survive a continuation of Progressive Rule under Hillary Clinton that is sure to systematically squeeze their way of life into oblivion and so Trump has become their last ditch hope.

The moment of turning the T-Rex loose to fight against Indominous Rex is almost at hand!

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