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Number 890, September 18, 2016

Deplorable! Deplorable! Deplorable!

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Who's Crazy?
by Jim Davidson

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

“War is peace.
freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.”
— George Orwell, 1984

Recently, one of the candidates for president representing one of the two self-anointed “major” political parties (she’d like me to mention her name) said that the Americans supporting her opponent (he’d like me to mention his name) from the other “major” party were in general terms, about half in the “basket of deplorables.” Keep in mind that this woman has frequently talked about taking guns away from all Americans, which Machiavelli correctly noticed causes a person to be despised. Being unarmed, he said, among the other harm it brings you, causes you to be despised.

Even more recently, Alan Greenspan, one of the most disgusting people living on Earth, said,“I hope we all find a way out because this is too great a country to be undermined, by how should I say it, crazies.”

He then admitted he’s too cowardly to say who he thinks is crazy. But I’ll say that I think Greenspan is crazy. Greenspan has enough mathematics to be aware of chaos, more than enough economics to be aware of spontaneous order, enough knowledge of ethics to have written about the importance of gold in finding free market prices, so he knows he never had control over the economy. He knows that the “managed society” that was popular when he was a child is an illusion. He knows, and still he wants to have people in power over other people.

Greenspan also knows that the Federal Reserve has been responsible for funding all the wars since its creation, including that war begun in 1914 which ended in 1991, and the war that began in 1991 and is still going on. Greenspan knows that without the financing provided by central banks, hundreds of millions of people worldwide would not have been slaughtered in wars since 1914, and he doesn’t care.

On the contrary, he wants to see more people slaughtered, as he makes clear in refusing to accept a position he took many long years ago, the view that the free market should find prices, including a price for money (also known as a rate of interest). Greenspan has become convinced, perhaps by the nonsense spewed by the Club of Rome, perhaps by Ted Turner, who knows, that billions of people around the world must die.

He’s wrong. And his madness is at the centre of the current economic crisis we face. He is insane. The Democratic party’s nominee is insane. The Council on Foreign Relations is insane. The people who think that not only should people’s lives be controlled, but that they can be controlled, and that they are the people to control them, those people are suffering from delusions of grandeur. They are clinically insane. They are mass murdering thugs. They are willing to justify murder, rape, theft, arson, controlled demolition of occupied buildings, lies, treason, anything to keep power.

So, if you are in the basket with the other deplorables, you may wish to know that it is a basket that woman wants to send you to hell in. And since there are no limits to growth, since we live in a galaxy of endless resources, since we have access to space, we really shouldn’t let people like her, or Greenspan, or anyone, run our lives any longer.

Jim Davidson is a principal with which is a news, information, and capitalist outfit seeking to disrupt a great many markets in ways that should benefit an enormous number of people. He is also the author of The Atlantis Papers, Being Sovereign, Being Libertarian, dozens of essays, hundreds of letters to editors and friends, and tens of thousands of e-mails. He is a poet, a scholar, a world traveller, a raconteur, and he is addicted to freedom.

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