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Number 889, September 11, 2016

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Terrorist Cop-Killing Heroes
by Nic Leobold

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

I’m tired of political leaders honoring authoritarian bully cops and soldiers who go around beating up and blowing up innocent civilians all over the world. Even here in America almost everyone except the top 1% are prevented from enjoying true prosperity by the Matrix grid system of total government control, the spider web tax regime, and the total protection and subsidization of corporate and establishment interests.

Every time the military or police score a hit against foreign freedom fighters or protestors or rebels here at home, the establishment and politicians celebrate “the kill,” give medals and bonuses to the cops and soldiers, and explain why all of us should worship these brave heroes.

Personally, I often find myself doing the opposite: Mourning another kill strike by the military against a foreign wedding party or another instance of police brutality or killing/capture of people fighting back against the system; and also celebrating when police or the military suffer losses.

I guess I’m not happy when innocent civilians are killed by “terrorism”, but I do understand it. I view it as collateral damage, sad and tragic, certainly unfair to the victims and their families, but maybe necessary to make people remember what’s really going on.

What if the terrorists put down their bombs and weapons and stopped fighting? Do you think our overlords would hesitate even for a moment to continue their total lockdown and seizure of every aspect of society? The elites, politicians and establishment would love nothing better than for terrorists to stop fighting and just disappear, which would make their job of enslaving us so much more easier and antiseptic.

Our overlords want total control, total compliance, and total ownership not only of all property, but of everything we earn ourselves. It’s practically like that already, because when you factor in a total tax rate of 60+% on the middle and working classes including all classes of taxes, plus the loss of productivity, efficiency and prosperity that we would otherwise achieve if not for the regulatory state, close to 90% of our potential income is seized by government and corporations and banks, not to mention the incalculable amount of goods, services and comforts that we have been deprived of; some estimates show that the American economy would be 4 times as large if it wasn’t for government and government- imposed monopolies. We would literally be living in a material paradise overflowing with happiness and riches and opportunity for everyone if not for this statist system.

The politicians, mainstream media and establishment keep telling us that if we could only stop “the terrorists” everything would be ok in the world. Really? No one in their right mind would believe such nonsense. Terrorists aren’t our main problem, government and corporate and bank monopolies and greed are. But people don’t generally take that fact to the next logical conclusion:

If the system is totally oppressive and Evil, then when freedom fighters and rebels hit back at the system and its officers, it’s a victory for the Resistance and for Liberty-lovers. It might be somewhat of a hollow victory, because death and destruction are never something to celebrate.

But the death and injury to oppressors and their henchmen should be celebrated, because we’re literally in a massive War pitting Good vs Evil. The Evil ones are the statists, greedy monopoly-seeking corporations and banking interests, all their establishment lackeys and bureaucrats and their enforcement officer thugs as well as the civil (sic) service. The more of these people that get blown-up, dismembered, injured or otherwise retired, the better for everyone.

It’s sad that innocent civilians have to die in this massive struggle. But in a real war, which is what this is, civilians always die. In a sense it may be necessary to wake people up and to keep the statists from completely taking over without any struggle or resistance.

So did you celebrate adequately and feel the proper gratitude when police, soldiers and other establishment cronies got blown up or shot by brave freedom fighters or rebels?

That’s what “terrorists” often are. Freedom Fighters. The politicians and media call them “terrorists”. But they’re just otherwise regular people who are fighting back at a totally evil system of slavery and oppression by choosing to put themselves in harm’s way, to be a Sacrifice, to strike back at a brutal, violent system in the way the system hates the most—with retaliatory violence.

It’s sad that the world is dominated by a small minority of very violent, very coercive, very authoritarian gangs who want to control and parasitically feed off of everyone; these gangs are the states and governments and their hangers-on and allies.

The “terrorists” who attack these parasites are not terrorists, they’re Heroes of the Rebellion, Heroes of the Remnant, people who risk everything to strike blows against the true criminals and terrorists oppressing us all.

I’m thankful for these Heroes. I’m not brave and pure and crazy enough to sacrifice myself in a suicidal attack on the Evil Government Gangs. But I’m grateful for the rare individuals that are. The establishment calls them “insane”, “crazy”, “lunatics”, curses them, condemns them, locks them up in cages or mental hospitals. It’s all just more lies.

The establishment, government, media, and most of the powerful and elites are just serial pathological liars. Cop-killing, killing politicians and terrorism in general is heroic and brave, and the freedom fighters and rebels who do it are heroes.

Someone has to tell the truth about this, because practically everyone is lying about it.

So here’s to the cop-killers and terrorists, the Freedom Fighters and Rebels, the true Heroes of the Republic. May their Spirits live on in the hearts of all Liberty-loving patriots and Faithful.

Good luck and Godspeed.

Nic Leobold is a Bizman/Artist/Athlete/Consultant & Free Market Anarchist-Voluntaryist based in Asia, Europe & America and enjoys eclectic interests from great films & casino gaming to ballroom dancing, ballet, target shooting, classical music, shopping, gourmet cooking and fitness. A filmmaker & artist with a background in pro athletics, he is continually looking to learn more & share of his passions for economics, living free, living smart, "beating the system", promoting Liberty, and the spiritual & philosophical components of a good life & contentment.

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