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Number 884, August 7, 2016

It‘s because most of the other politicians
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Trump is Right About Women
by Nic Leobold

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

As a great rabbi once famously said, “When you’re right, you’re right.”

I would go further and say, Trump is right, and he’s right again, about at least two things.

I’m writing this article today because women have a major problem, and far from the popular rhetoric spouted by Hillary Clinton and the Mainstream Media and establishment, Trump gets it pretty right on this one. And Trump deserves credit for at least a few things.

How could I possibly say Trump is right about women? What is the main problem with women, even in today’s “liberated” world?

This article is not meant to lambaste women, but is meant to be constructive and instructive criticism. Donald Trump is not a hater of women, he seems to be an honest guy at least where the Facts of Life About Women are concerned, and he seems to be a solid family man, and I want to explain why I agree with his toughness on certain prominent females and on the female race in general.

In single words…some women are cunts; A lot of women are stupid, ignorant, or both; And the amount of damage mothers, and women, can do, is obscene.

Rosie O‘Donnell, Elizabeth Warren, and Megyn Kelly are cunts. They’ve stepped over the line, supported authoritarianism, war, statism and injustice, and they‘ve done so with arrogant disregard, blatant hypocrisy, and contemptible boldfaced conviction. When someone steps so far over the line, even if they’re a woman, it’s absolutely justifiable to verbally put them in their place. In the cases of Warren, O‘Donnell and Kelly, in the words of Trump, they do in fact speak and conduct themselves like “pigs and farm animals with blood drooling out of their ears.”

It doesn’t gratify me to say this. In fact, the Facts of Life About Women have broken my heart, and destroyed years of my life and happiness, more times than I can say. Women and their malicious, devious, dishonest and manipulative behavior have made me question almost everything about my life, right down to the Biblical Garden of Eden story, the meaning of everything, or even if there is any meaning, even whether life is worth living or trying to make an effort is even worthwhile.

Women can be the brightest light in the world, but they can also cause the most darkness, and they often cause it on purpose.

I’ve observed the manipulations and ass-umptions of parents all my life, and the mothers in my life have been no exception. Female teachers also, have done damage. Female doctors, judges, police officers, were no exception. In fact, I think it’s likely that women have done me more damage than men in my life. If women are at least as potentially destructive, harmful, and malicious about it to boot, isn’t it reasonable to hold them equally to account, especially when the poorer female actors in this world are always demanding an ERA (“Equal Rights Amendment” to the u.S. Constitution) and “Justice”?

Another beef I have with women is, they don’t give men a chance, and they’re routinely unfair. They judge men primarily based on wealth and success, but usually overlook the fact that many men only need a good woman to become that success and achieve that wealth, and refuse to look at a man’s potential for growth, inside of him, in a fair way. I don’t think men suffer from the same problem. I think men judge women and their potential fairly.

Donald Trump is obviously, judging from his beautiful children and beautiful wives, a successful family man. His children are well-adjusted, productive members of society with successful families of their own. Trump seems to treat deserving women with respect. His companies and family business are chock full of enterprising career female executives who think the world of him, stand behind him, and guard his back.

Trump gives credit where credit is due, but he also calls a spade a spade.

Why does Donald Trump call Elizabeth Warren, Megyn Kelly, and other violent, dishonest women pigs? Why do I agree, and add my own names to the long list of female “back alley ninth-class whores,” like Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Condoleezza Rice, Angela Merkel, Michelle Obama, et al.?

Well, Trump is right that many women are beautiful, dignified, regal, talented, profitable, brightness and light personified, and loving. I agree. And he’s also right about the other ones.

Let’s stop lying about it.

In short, many women deserve it.

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