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Number 880, July 10, 2016

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Stand Tall and Stand Strong
by Nic Leobold

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

After five Dallas policemen were shot dead during Black Lives Matter protests, I was very disappointed in the public reaction to the attacks. Again I read heart-twisting pleas for more gun control, more restrictions against civilian ownership of body armor, and loud cries of "tragedy" and "pray for the officers!".

But feeling grief for the dead police officers rings hollow to me. The public cries about more tragic violence, but in my eyes all I see is blowback. When violence strikes even staunch Gun Rights advocates seem to suddenly forget who the police really are: Our slavemasters. Police are the thugs who maintain the status quo, lock us up when we violate victimless laws, and ensure in countless ways that we remain under the thumbs of the parasite politicians.

So please forgive me if I don't feel much grief for these dead officers. It's not a tragedy. It's The Facts of Life. What goes around comes around. Even if these officers had children and families who are now fatherless, it was their decision to become police oppressors and support evil. Their deaths are a natural result of associating with evil. The Buddhists call it Karma.

At this time I have to say again that "gun control" is not the answer. Tragedies and violence are going to happen. These incidents are still rare considering the overall population. Europe has much stricter gun regulations and almost a universal ban on pistols and combat rifles, but they have much more knife violence, and overall, violent crime is higher in Europe. Plus the only places in America with serious gun violence problems are almost only Democrat Party-controlled cities that have the proven-failed total gun control policies.

I would like nothing better than to live in a peaceful world of zero violence and Good Will Towards All Men and Women. But The Facts of Life again are just not in agreement with that eternal human wish. Human Nature is such that some people, a minority Thank God, will always choose to do evil and violence (not to mention that most mass violence is committed by all the flawed humans in government). The way to deal with that Reality of Evil is to allow peaceful honest people to arm themselves for Self-Defense. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is also a guarantee against a potentially tyrannical and genocidal government which history has shown governments can murder millions of their own citizens.

You'd think we would have learned the lessons of history and experience and everyone would staunchly defend our Gun Rights. But sadly in politics, people don't seem to learn, they go from election to election and keep believing the utter lies and falsehoods that politicians keep discovering they can get away with peddling time after time.

Yeah, most people are dumb. A heck of a lot of our neighbors are stupid saps. They're gonna fall for the lies and appeals to Sympathy and softness every time. But just because most people decide to be stupid doesn't mean we have to.

So let's be smart. Let's choose Wisdom and the better part of valor. Buy some rifles and pistols so you can defend yourself and your loved ones. Don't fall for the shameless lies of the media. Gun ownership is one of the pillars of sound judgement and preparedness. If you can't buy your guns "legally" for whatever reason, then by all means do not be ashamed to acquire them on the black market or ask friends for help. We have to help each other to defeat Evil, and "Any law repugnant to the Constitution is null and void". Gun Rights are a Human Right. Let's stand tall and stand strong.

Good luck and Godspeed.

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