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Number 873, May 22, 2016

How stupid do you have to be?

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Re: "What You Mean "WE" Pale-face?" by L. Reichard White

It seems to me that "We" needs to be banished from General Semantics' E-prime (a more precise version of English: Wikipedia) along with the abusive god-mode "Is".

Better versions of that pronoun will need to be coined. Shades of SJW pronouns, I guess I should denounce myself now.

Best regards,

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Comments (General)

Comments on TV shows: Castle has ended. Originally it was supposed to be a cliff hanger in which Castle and Beckett are both shot and we're not supposed to know how it turned out (Originally Castle lives and Beckett dies). However it was decided to end the series so we cut to seven years later in which both survived and are enjoying domestic bliss. I opine it would have been better to hear friends walking in and calling for help before cutting to the happy ending.

Tony Dinozzo is leaving NCIS. His exit reminds me of how Magnum P.I. ended. Good story over all.

Now to serious issues: Recently I saw an ad for a "documentary" regarding guns in America. The ad showed purported father and son NRA members being confronted with the information that the NRA opposes banning people on terrorist no fly lists from being banned from acquiring and owning firearms. The pair acts shocked. Apparently they never read any of the articles in American Rifleman, American Hunter, or by other pro gun groups and individuals explaining why the NRA and other gunnies oppose this action.

The no fly lists have been an ongoing stench in the nostrils of supporters of civil liberties, yet apparently the directors/producers responsible for a what looks to be another antigun propaganda piece support using them to determine whose rights under the Constitution (not just the Second Amendment) get trashed.

By the way, has anybody ever noticed how Captain America: Civil War, is a metaphor for the gun debate?

A.X. Perez

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Sean Gabb Newsletter, 19th May 2016

Welcome to the three hundred people who have subscribed today. I was sure some of you were dead, and am delighted to learn otherwise!

Last Tuesday, I went up to London for a joint LA event, where I spoke "In Praise of John Stuart Mill." I provide a link to the video record at the foot of this brief introduction. Below that, I provide links to some of our books. Below that, you will find some of the l atest articles on the LA Blog.

And do please bear in mind the less than discreet "Donate" button I have placed in this message. I have the Libertarian Alliance bill for Internet services coming due from Wordpress. Would it not be terrible if I had to pay it myself?

Oh, and I should add that, for the next two days, my latest novel, Crown of Empire, will be on sale via Amazon for only 99p. Will you deny me and my publisher so paltry a sum? [ It's already in the Kindle, Sean!—Editor ]

Oh, and again, if you want to comment on the video, here is a link to its place on the LA Blog.


Lecture on John Stuart Mill, Sean Gabb, (2016)
On the 17th May 2016, Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian Alliance, gave a lecture in London on John Stuart Mill. Topics covered: defence of freedom of speech; dangers of government intervention in society; no "tyranny of the majority;" problems with "harm principle;" in praise of aristocratic government.

Best regards,

Sean Gabb

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