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Number 867, April 10, 2016

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Unpleasant Thoughts
by A.X. Perez

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Try to say the following without a minimum happiness: "Ripping the guts out of a child raper." A large minority if not the majority felt happy saying this, your lizard hindbrain and your urge to protect kids ganging up to let a couple of molecules of endorphin loose. You are not a bad person if you reacted this way.

Now you know part of how Schicklgruber and others who used bigotry to gain power did it. Just get people to react to whichever group they want us to hate the way we react to child molesters. Yes, you can fall for this, and it is worth recognizing the trick. "Ripping the guts out of Moslem terrorist sex slavers," gets translated in the minds of some to just "ripping the guts out of Moslems," and you get what Couer de Lion pulled when he took Jerusalem.

Some years ago an El Paso cop shot dead a man approaching him with a knife in each hand and hostile intent. It was ruled a righteous shoot. A few months later a brother officer met a pair of police answering a domestic disturbance with knives and hostility and got tasered. This left me feeling raw about the earlier shooting.

Now if the tasered suspect had been white and the killed suspect Black, people would have screamed racism. Up until the late Sixties, early Seventies, Black men were killed under circumstances where white men would have been overpowered or even allowed to walk to "keep them in their place."

Lately we see the Black Lives Matter Movement taking off and a lot of people don't get it. So ask the question, would a White or Brown man been killed in the same situation?

I'm sure that a lot of what's going on with Black Lives Matter is demagoguery. But I also keep getting hints that in a large part of this country keeping Black people in their place is still a goal. If nothing else, keeping White, Brown, and Black freedom lovers apart has to be a goal of statists. A few selective acts of murder is a cheap price to pay to achieve this, especially since the other guys are paying.

Unpleasant thoughts, things we don't want to see or come out and say. But sometimes you need to rake out the muck so the sunlight can sterilize it.

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