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Number 862, March 6, 2016

Here was a rational ethical guideline, a way
for Killer Apes to trade and get along without
eating one another, that was more profound,
better "engineered", and more universal in its
application than either the Golden Rule or
Kant's Categorical Imperative.

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by Norma Jean Almodovar

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

Freedom—Is there man born who lusts not after liberty?
Freedom—Are there anywhere souls who crave not to be free?
Those who would not look up to the sky and to God vow,
One has the right to live one's life the way one chooses how?

Freedom—Man's noblest dream beset with well intent restraints ...
Freedom—Is often lost midst "for your own good" refrains ...
My freedom taken from me in the name of so called "moral right"
But to what end am I enslaved for someone else's fight?

Liberty "adjusted"—for whatever moral cause, and though they be ...
If I have no right to choose, I have not liberty --
If I so choose the path to hell, I alone must so decide ...
Else that we call our "liberty" mocks all those who ever died ... For Freedom.

Freedom—Our natural right and yet so new a concept to our human minds!
Freedom—Each owns oneself—so simple an idea—so basic—it defines
All human interaction in that briefest, simple thought—
"To live one's life as each one decides the way one ought"

Freedom—It doesn't give the right to interfere by force or fraud --
Freedom—It is not reserved for those who say they're serving God!
Freedom ... The very word, and all the word implies
Does not assume the one that's free is good or pure or wise!

Liberty is for the brave and strong, the weak and coward too,
And rich and poor alike, the fainthearted and the true --
All can huddle underneath the banner bought and paid for by our blood
All are free to make a choice to live, be it bad or be it good.
It's Freedom.

—Norma Jean—April, 1986

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