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Number 862, March 6, 2016

Here was a rational ethical guideline, a way
for Killer Apes to trade and get along without
eating one another, that was more profound,
better "engineered", and more universal in its
application than either the Golden Rule or
Kant's Categorical Imperative.

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Thanks for the Apology—I Knew What I Was Getting Into
by Norma Jean Almodovar
Special correspondent

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Attribute to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

Love your endorsement of John McAfee. The office for which I ran was Lieutenant Governor. my book was finally published by Simon and Schuster in 1993. I am writing three more. I'll probably get harassed by the cops and the statists for them too.

My research can be found here: Which is for my books Cops, Hos, Preachers and Politicos and Dishonored Badge, Broken Trust -- the Immoral Consequences of So-Called Moral Laws. I'm still shaking things up and will until the day I die.

Thanks again for remembering me in you endorsement. I will always consider myself a libertarian, but for the reasons you mentioned, I won't be active in the Libertarian party. I am too quirky for them. But who cares? I sure don't!

You are welcome to run this anywhere you like. My book is out of print now, but available on Amazon for 1 cent... so no royalties! My other books are not yet published as I have to finish writing them first.

It is unfortunate that so many non-Liberty-loving folks have infiltrated the Libertarian Party, although not surprising. It is the nature of statists left or right to attempt to destroy any semblance of a true freedom-loving political movement, and push out those who cling to the old fashioned concept of individual liberty.

Thanks for responding to my email, and you can always reach me at my main email address: I do remain in contact with a few libertarians who supported me during my campaign. And of course, I just live my life the way I want, mostly as a recluse doing the other things I love to do: writing, sculpting and rabble-rousing. My beloved husband became disabled in 2007, and I am his caregiver.

I am in bed right now with my iPad, but when I go downstairs I will send you the poem I wrote during my campaign, which sums up my entire philosophy on freedom.

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