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Number 860, February 21, 2016

Republicans have no plan; they have no
program, not even Newt Gingrich's cheesy
”Contract with America.“ If Republicans
lose in November (and we wind up with a
President Sanders), this will be the reason.

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Zuckerberg, Gates and Ebay...oh, my!

Re: "Three (More) Stooges" by L. Neil Smith

My own take on Zuckerberg's move is that he, like the people at Ebay and Bill Gates, is terrified of being sucked into a maelstrom by our federal gun-police goon squads. Those guys would adore finding some pretext to confiscate everything he has and send him to federal prison on the basis of some "non-allowed person" conducting a gun transaction.

Bill Gates went through years of hell at the hands of the Fedgoon "anti-trust" Gestapo, and other computer magnates noticed. Taking down someone like Zuckerberg is a huge feather in some prosecutor's cap, just like it was with Leona Helmsley, or Martha Stewart.

Now, if we had all 20,000 unconstitutional gun laws off the books, and Zuckerberg and the other computer bigwigs still didn't allow firearms-related transactions on their sites, that would be different.

Eric Oppen

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The author of the Heller decision is dead, and the Supreme Court no longer maintains a majority to protect the Second Amendment. The Senate majority leader has signaled he will not schedule a vote on any Obama appointments to be made over the next 9-11 months, and the NRA will keep the heat on Congress and the 2016 candidates. But after the election, the fate of our 2A is in serious doubt.

There are now no ultimate authorities to hold together your Second Amendment. Recent decisions like Kolbe v. Hogan, or those coming like Mance or our own case Defense Distributed v. U.S. Dep't of State, will be decided circuit by circuit. Keeping your battle rifle is now, more than ever, a local and do-it-yourself project. And it will require enormous work.

I'm personally asking for volunteers and more part or full-time employees to help us in our work at Defense Distributed. Do you know Node.js? Are you a mechanical engineer? Can you work in a major CAD suite? Please email me if you have the skills and time to offer for this fight, a fight for the future and the soul of the Second Amendment. We have only ourselves now. Please do not delay.

Cody R. Wilson
©2016 Defense Distributed | Austin, TX
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Re: Illustration on main page of issue 859


[Link to]

Kevin L. O'Brien

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Re: "Norseman's Diaries: Snowpocalypse II: The Second Coming" by Jeff Fullerton

I survived the cold. Did not bother digging out as the snowfall from this second punch system was not very much and was quick to depart. Thursday was the turning point to much better weather. Sunny and seasonable—in the low 40s it felt like. Unfortunately I did not do much with what was a heaven sent day having to run around and do payday errands and some shopping and pill box loading for Uncle. Then rushed off to the 9/12 meeting and actually got there early for a change and was able to eat and socialize a bit.

The feature presentation was the Agenda 21 film that started out sounding like a documentary on how the Alinskyite Left is subverting and taking over the country until well into the documentary where it finally gets into the actual ecofascist conspiracy. Yet the producer does an excellent job chronicling how the hard totalitarian left took over the environmental movement after the end of the Cold War with Gorbachev going from being the head of the the environmentaly destructive Communist Bloc to founder of the global warming crusade. And a lot of other important info too that I'd articulate more if I had more time and were not so damned tired. Which might be the start of a good article.

Maybe for Earth Day which is not far away. The group is going to have additional presentations in the meantime on this subject including some recent developments in the way of a strategy by the movers and shakers of the nation to redistribute population from failing cities like Chicago and Detroit to less populated communities in a bid to redistribute misery and social problems along with the wealth.

Perilous times we live in. At least the weather has improved over last week. Going to be sunny and 63. Unfortunately I won't be able to enjoy it much since this is my weekend to work.

Jeff Fullerton

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Arguments for Freedom of Speech:
A Talk Given at the London School of Economics
to the Hayek Society
on Tuesday the 16th February 2016

On Tuesday the 16th February 2016, Sean Gabb, Director of the Libertarian Alliance, travelled to the London School of Economics, to talk to the Hayek Society about freedom of speech.

The London School of Economics is developing a scheme to police all speeches to student societies. This is partly to comply with the British Government's "anti-radicalisation" laws. The academic who sat in on this meeting was an entirely friendly presence. Even so, Dr Gabb decided at the last minute to give a speech of studied moderation.

He argued:

That freedom of speech means the right to publish without legal hindrance on anything that does not breach some private right or involve an act of treason—both of which conditions are to be tightly drawn and continuously monitored;

That our only confidence in the truth of propositions outside our immediate knowledge rests on a scholarly consensus, openly reached and openly maintained in the face of open challenge;

Without open consensus, knowledge becomes a matter of prudential faith, attended by some degree of private doubt;

That the exceptions made for the various kinds of "hate speech" are both arbitrary and inconsistent;

That anyone who wants universities to be a "safe space" for the sensitive is arguing not for a university as traditionally known in our civilisation, but for a nursery school.

There was a lively set of questions and answers.

Link to the announcement

Link to the video

Sean Gabb

Sean Gabb is Director, The Libertarian Alliance (Recognised by HMRC as an educational charity for tax purposes) 
Tel: 07956 472 199
Skype: seangabb

Postal Address: Suite 35,  2 Lansdowne Row, London W1J 6HL, England

Donate to the Libertarian Alliance

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