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Number 857, January 31, 2016

Republican and Democrat, they're all
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Not that this comes as a shock, but recently Emperor, or excuse me President Obama has decided to ignore the Constitution once more by passing a series of gun laws through Executive Orders. These laws include extending background checks and requiring any private gun seller to obtain a Federal Firearms License, even if he is just a onetime seller. Then of course he made sure that the orders included an expansion of BATFE agents so that these laws will be enforced.

Apparently Mr. Constitutional Scholar didn't read the part of the Constitution that said that Congress is the only branch who is allowed to make law. He also missed the part about how Executive Orders only apply to those employed by the Federal Government. Of course Barry has never let that pesky document get in the way in the past, so why start now?

As usual we have our share of celebrities who support Obama's illegal orders. Some have even thanked Obama and have encouraged him to go further. I am not going to mention the names of these celebrities, since they have way too much exposure as it is, but they constantly mistake the size of their incomes with the size of their intellects. They are certainly entitled to their misinformed opinions, just as long as they know that they are speaking for themselves and not "The Little Guy."

The picture wouldn't be complete without the left-wing sock puppets, oh excuse me commentators who pretty much repeat Obama's nonsense verbatim. Usually they say, "Obama had to pass the order, since Congress wouldn't." Apparently they took the same Constitutional Law class that Barry took, which failed to explain the concept of the separation of powers. "Well he was doing it for the will of the people." Says who? "The polls say that Americans support extended back ground checks."

First of all, I have never been impressed with polls in the first place. I managed to become even less impressed when I had to conduct them for a research company during the 2012 elections. Many of the questions that I had to ask were twisted in such a way that it would be almost impossible for the results not to be skewed. The polls on the extended background checks are no exception. The problem is that many of these polls don't differentiate between the background checks that we have now or the so-called extended checks.

Here is something else to ponder. If anti-gun legislation is so well supported by the people, then why is it such a political loser? Hell, even when the Democrats had both houses of Congress they were still afraid to touch this issue. Let my guess, it is the evil NRA and the satanic powers that they have over congress. Seriously, do these idiots believe that the NRA has pictures of every member of congress having an orgy in hell? I also find it somewhat telling that whenever an anti-gun article appears on the net, the overwhelming majority of those who post in the comment section are Pro-Second Amendment supporters who refute the junk that masquerades as real journalism. I remember this one Rolling Stone article about the most dangerous guns of America that had nothing but pages and pages of comments slamming its bias and downright ignorance of firearms. Despite all this, the anti-gun side still claims that they represent the will of the people.

I also love the Townhall questions, where Obama was asked by a rape victim why he was trying to make it harder for people to obtain firearms to protect themselves from sexual predators. He responded by denying that his new regulations would make it harder for anybody to obtain a firearm and that it was actually better for a rape victim not to have a gun, since it could be taken away and used against her. I will say that Obama's response was slightly better than the one given by a democratic legislator in Colorado, when a co-ed advocating concealed carry on college campuses asked what she was supposed to do against a rapist. The co-ed was told to just vomit and defecate on herself as a form of rape prevention. Obama's response was still insulting, since it seems as if he was implying that women aren't competent enough to defend themselves. Sounds a little sexist if you ask me. Yet not a single feminist is around to give him the verbal smack down that he deserves. I guess they are just too busy complaining about the non-existent pay gap.

The few upsides to Obama's Executive Orders is that they expire once he leaves office for good. That is assuming that the order doesn't get struck down in the courts, which as Judge Andrew Napolitano has pointed out, is a strong possibility. Another upside to all this, is that it shows how desperate the anti-gun side is becoming every day. They can't just ram legislation through Congress like they used to and contrary to their state of denial, public sentiment isn't on their side like it used to be. The only play they have left is to have the president issue a temporary order. Pretty soon they will be out of cards to play.

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