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Number 852, December 20, 2015

The important question is not
"What's your religion?" but
"How do you feel about the Bill of Rights?"

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A Shortage of Mature and Same Adults
by A.X. Perez

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I have always felt that no one who fails to show an almost idolatrous love of the ideals of liberty reflected in the US Constitution should be elected to Congress or the Presidency. The alacrity displayed by almost every candidate for President to junk the Constitution in pursuing the War on Terrorism reflects their unfitness for that office.

The Donald's pronouncement advocating the murder of relatives of terrorists shows a special lack of sympathy for Constitutional values. If nothing else it violates the concept of no corruption of the blood written into the main body of the Constitution. While this is applied specifically to the family of traitors, American ideas of justice are repelled by the concept of punishing the innocent for the acts of their kinsmen.

There is a technical term for this. It is called blood feud. Personally, I like blood feud. Hurt one of mine you and five people you love die. After a while surviving potential enemies get the idea that fucking with you is a stupid idea (and yes, I know I swapped personally pronouns). After a somewhat longer while you have no surviving potential enemies, kinfolk, or friends and a lot of scars.

Personally I like blood feud. As a reasonably mature and sane adult who values civilization I am willing to give it up in exchange for an orderly society that helps me keep my family safe and to go about my honest business in peace. I also expect that those who enjoy my "consent to govern" are reasonable, sane (more or less), mature, and value civilization.

When any man espouses blood feud, a regression from civilized behavior, as government policy, he has completely lost my support. When any man espouses trashing the Constitution, justice, and civilized behavior, I can not support him for public office, any more than I can support a woman whose public career has been marked by a total disregard for any law other than her will to power.

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