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Number 852, December 20, 2015

The important question is not
"What's your religion?" but
"How do you feel about the Bill of Rights?"

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New Book

I forgot to send this to Ken, at The Libertarian Enterprise. I have just finished the final, technical chores associated with my newest book, Blade of p'Na, and it is ready for publication. I haven't yet been given a date.

Blade of p'Na is a prequel to Forge of the Elders.It tells the story iof how p'Nan moral debt assessor Eichra Oren met and went to work for the giant mollusc billionaire, Misterthoggosh.The story is told by Eichra Oren's companion, a medium-sized white dog with enhanced mental capabilities named Sam. It also features Eichra Oren's beautiful mother Eneri Relda, Lornis Adubudu, who won't take no for an answer, and a host of other wild and wonderful characters, human and non-human.

When it becomes available, I'll let you know. Question? Comments?

L. Neil Smith

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