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Number 850, December 6, 2015

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Remember Who Was First
(The Feature Article)

The Face of Evil?

Grandmothers with guns


The Impeachable Offenses of Barack Hussein Obama
by Terence James Mason
In 7 parts.

Letters to the Editor
from Paul Bonneau, Thomas L. Knapp, Bill St. Clair, and A.X. Perez

Remember Who Was First
by L. Neil Smith
Tom Tancredo is a five-term former U.S. congressman from Colorado. In some ways, he's the right wing's answer to former Democratic governor Dick Lamm, offering swift, unconventional, unexpected, solutions to socio-economic, and political problems. Following 9/11, he proposed threatening the Muslem world—should there ever be another such attack—to reduce Mecca to a sheet of glass. Like all conservatives, his notions are often what libertarians would consider unethical, but they are often thought-provoking, as well. Tancredo's latest idea seems reasonable, at first, but it has some serious problems that he either doesn't foresee or doesn't care about.

Sean's Gun Rant: The Moderate Gun Owners
In memory of Neale Osborn

by Sean Gangol
Note: I know that this tribute is long overdue, since Neale passed away last May. While I never knew Neale personally, he had made mention of my articles on several occasions and at one time had named me as one of his favorite contributors. I wanted to do some sort of tribute to the man, but I wasn't sure what to say since I didn't really know him. When I got the idea of writing about the folly of so-called "moderate gun owners" I thought about all the articles that Neale used to write and it seems like this one would have been right up his alley.

Moon Promises
by Jim Davidson
It appears from a recent news story as though Russia now has the ambition to build, by the year AD 2030, a permanent lunar base. So perhaps I will be able to take a vacation to the Moon during my lifetime, even if I have to learn the Russian language, da? Mind you, if it is anything like the Russian gulag described in Robert A. Heinlein's novel The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress, perhaps I'll stick around and help them break free. Recently, I have written about how I feel cheated that the flying cars and trips to the Moon that I was promised as a youngster have not come about. I can still remember when Pan Am was promising to fly people to the Moon, real soon now. Below is the membership card for one Etta B. Richards who seems to have bought into the First Moon Flights club. If the graphic is anything to go by, Pan Am seems to have expected passengers to carry their own O2. Or perhaps their own luggage?

Rumblings of World War III: Bait & Switch Scapegoats
by Jeff Fullerton
It finally happened this week: America's version of the Paris Attacks—the San Bernardino shootings as a husband-wife team went on a shooting spree killing 14 at last count and now the authorities are having a field day with the discovery of a house filled with weapons and bomb making material. And the gun grabbers are beating the drums aggressively for more restrictions on firearm ownership. The barbarians are inside the gates: therefore we should all disarm and become as helpless as the Europeans, the Australians and the Japanese. That way the terrorists can do some of the Progs' dirty work in achieving targets for population reduction and a lower carbon footprint.

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The Day Before The Day That Will Live In Infamy. Kind of a mouthfull, eh?

One thing: I will not express sympathy for those killed in San Berdoo, because I have no sympathy for people who do not prepare to defend themselves. What, they expect somebody else to defend them? Who? Somebody who was not there it looks like.

Some good news on the energy problem, here. Developing nations have an boundless need for cheap energy. And since The United States is still developing....

World's First Thorium Reactor

Plans for a thorium nuclear reactor have been finished meaning the world's first should be built by 2016.

Unlike current nuclear power stations, that use uranium, the thorium plant won't use a material that can be weaponised. It would also mean there is much less danger from a meltdown. Thorium is also more abundant than uranium so it will be cheaper and easier to supply.

The safer material means it can be supplied at a lower cost with far fewer security needs. Security measures are actually the most expensive part about building current nuclear power stations. Thorium reactors, on the other hand, don't require special containment buildings and can even be set up in normal structures.

The proposed thorium reactor is made to run by itself without any need for intervention. It will only need to be checked by a person once every four months.
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I see President Obomber is going to tell us how he is going to protect us all from terrorism by taking away our freedom or something (after all, that's what they hate, right?). Tune in Sunday evening.

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