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Number 849, November 29, 2015

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Letter To Matilda
(The Feature Article)

Blue Origin New Shepard vehicle VTO&L test

To eliminate a society's weapons, it is
necessary first to eliminate knowledge
of weapons, and to eliminate knowledge
of weapons, it is ultimately necessary
to eliminate all knowledge of any kind.


The Impeachable Offenses of Barack Hussein Obama
by Terence James Mason
In 7 parts.

Letters to the Editor
from Roger Clark and A.X. Perez

Letter To Matilda
by L. Neil Smith
The concept of an absolute human right to freedom of expression is not uniquely American. It was born in the English-speaking world sometime between Magna Carta and the Declaration of Independence, and all English-speaking countries—Great Britain, the United States, Canada, New Zealamd, and Australia, among others, are heirs to it.

by Richard Bartucci
Should we allow Syrian (and other Sandbox) refugees into these United States? Only conditionally. Christians, Jews,Yazidis, Bahá'ís, Sikhs, Buddhists, Hindus—no problem, no limits. C'mon in, y'all!

4th Turning: The Halfway Mark
by Jeff Fullerton
In Paris a couple weeks ago the wolves had a field day in the Sheeple pen. That was the impression I got from the audio clips on Quinn one morning. The screams of helpless people being slaughtered by terrorists. That in itself ought to be a wake up call and in many ways it is. The French have mostly brought this problem upon themselves via government sponsored immigration which amounts to the importation of Third World populations into first world countries for what amounts to the farming of chaos and social problems of which they are now reaping a bountiful harvest. Much to the detriment of the people and those currently in power are running damage control and bracing for the backlash. France has suddenly closed its borders and is now alongside Russia bombing ISIS. But it is unlikely the French government will allow their people to have guns.

Paris Terror Not Funded by Bitcoin
by Jim Davidson
Earlier this week, Bruno Delpeuc'h (his last name is said "Dell-peck") joined the Digital Cash Alliance advisory board. You can read more about him on the Alliance web site, or at his IndieGoGo profile. Almost immediately, French high technology journalist Matthieu Delacharlery of Metronews contacted Bruno about the topic of ISIS/Daesh using Bitcoin to finance terrorism."To his credit, Matthieu's questions are open-minded on the topic. "Here are those questions as received by Bruno....

World's Shortest Political Essay
by L. Neil Smith
As you listen to this year's ridiculous collection of Republican would-be Presidents, ask yourself a question: has a single one of them offered to repeal any of the laws and decrees Obama is responsible for? Has any one of them promised to cast off any of the power he has accrued?

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Thanksgiving to Whom?

A Note from the Publisher

Last Thursday was Thanksgiving, a holiday, it seems to me, that is always being celebrated on account of the wrong people and for the wrong reasons. The national day of thanks was decreed by the maniacal mass-murderer Abraham Lincoln, who was more than willing to see 620,000 individuals killed in order to preserve what had become an involuntary political association. In essence, he kidnapped half the country.

The first Thanksgiving, we know, thanks largely to Rush Limbaugh, but in my case, thanks to Robert LeFevre in 1972, was a celebration of the end of a disastrous experiment with socialism. The Plymouth Colony gave up its idiotic communitarianism in favor of private enterprise, and they profited accordingly. If human beings really had an I.Q. larger than their shoe size, that would have prevented the rise of Marxism.

But nooooo.

Proper thanks was due to the colony's governor, William Bradford, who figured out the economics, converting the colony, ending American socialism.

When I was a kid, my father was an officer in Strategic Air Command, and often worked sixteen hours a day, keeping us all safe, he sincerely believed, from Soviet aggression. An ex-prisoner of war, he'd seen the Russian military at work. He was a World War II experienced bombardier-navigator who flew up over the North Pole a couple of times a week in a misereable, cramped, frigid jet-powered atomic bomber. When that day in November came around, I knew who to thank.

My dad may have been mistaken about who was defending whom from what, but he was the most decent human being he knew how to be, the most decent human being I ever knew. He somehow found time to raise me as decent as he could possibly make me, and he was a Scoutmaster, besides. I made my Eagle primarily because I didn't want to disappoint him.

Some other Thanksgiving I might (and will) write about my mom. I have much to thank her for. Or I might write about my invincible wife, who has helped me recover from my recent illness—or dragged me back from the edge of death more than once—and gave me my daughter. But right now, I'm enjoying thinking about my dad, Air Force Major Lester Neil Smith II, war hero, husband, and father, the real hero of my life.

L. Neil Smith
Publisher and Senior Columnist
The Libertarian Enterprise

And here we are back to Ye Olde Editor:

Well, isn't this interesting:

German Professor: NASA Has Fiddled Climate Data On 'Unbelievable' Scale
by James Delingpole24 Nov 20153,711
A German professor has confirmed what skeptics from Britain to the US have long suspected: that NASA's Goddard Institute of Space Studies has largely invented "global warming" by tampering with the raw temperature data records.

Professor Dr. Friedrich Karl Ewert is a retired geologist and data computation expert. He has painstakingly examined and tabulated all NASA GISS's temperature data series, taken from 1153 stations and going back to 1881. His conclusion: that if you look at the raw data, as opposed to NASA's revisions, you'll find that since 1940 the planet has been cooling, not warming.
Read More

And this from the Mises Institute:

With Mass Shootings, the State Makes Us Less Safe
by Justin Murray
In the wake of last month's shooting at Umpqua University in Oregon, national debate has once again been sparked over the role of firearm controls. Gun-control laws must be passed, we are told, that target these events and reduce or eliminate their frequency. However, much like most debates in the political realm, convenience and sound bites take the center stage over understanding root causes of violence itself. The debate is further confused by improper data comparison and information gathering techniques, mainly to drive a pre-designed political agenda and not to attempt to solve the homicide problem.

Before we get into the issue of general homicide, it is important to clear a few common errors in identifying the events in Oregon.
Read More

Y'all stay safe out there!

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