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Number 849, November 29, 2015

To eliminate a society's weapons, it is
necessary first to eliminate knowledge
of weapons, and to eliminate knowledge
of weapons, it is ultimately necessary
to eliminate all knowledge of any kind.

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by Richard Bartucci

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Should we allow Syrian (and other Sandbox) refugees into these United States?

Only conditionally.

Christians, Jews,Yazidis, Bahá'ís, Sikhs, Buddhists, Hindus - no problem, no limits. C'mon in, y'all!

Muslim women and little kids? Okay, but track them. GPS ankle bracelets on every one of them. Keep them aware that they're in the midst of infidels who KNOW what their "religion of peace" really means, and we don't trust them even the least little bit.

Muslim males of military age (which I figure should be defined as 12 years old until they're at least twenty-four hours dead) either cannot be admitted or go straight into confinement under guard.

All those FEMA camps prepared by Obozo and his co-conspiritors to incarcerate us "bitter clingers" ought to serve. From all indications, they're big enough.

We can put up signs telling them in which direction Mecca lies, and they can pray just as well - five times a day - behind barbed wire as they can in the streets of a civilized Western country.

If they don't like all this, there's a total of 57 nation-states enjoying membership in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. They don't have to come here, and we sure as hell don't have to take them.

The Islamic world (dar al-islam) - per hard and fast doctrine descending from their pedophile prophet—considers all non-Muslims to be enemies of their True Faith and therefore targets which MUST be suppressed, subordinated, plundered, raped, and/or killed by the true followers of Islam.

In fact, they refer to those outside their peculiar cult as "dar al-harb," which translates from the Arabic as "the house of war."

Okay, they've got a declaration of war running against the people of the predominantly Christian (and Jewish) West. ALL Muslims are at war with every other human being who's not a Muslim.

Therefore all Muslims in these United States are, in effect, enemy aliens. The ones being humped in from Syria by U.P.S. and other fast carriers are just extra-special examples of the species."Getting right down to it, you can't really count on any Muslim being non-hostile. Savvy taqqiya?

What does the Constitution say about civil rights protections for enemy aliens? Sure, our government thugs are properly and explicitly limited by rule of law as to what they can do in the way of infringing those rights. This notwithstanding, in time of war, it is entirely legitimate for the civil government to register and track - and even confine in P.O.W. camps - ostensibly harmless enemy aliens.

My grandparents—illiterate Sicilian peasants who'd come over from Italy before 1900 and who'd never thought to apply for citizenship here—were registered and tracked as enemy aliens during World War II. Two of their (U.S. citizen) sons were in the military and two more were building armored personnel carriers and warships, but Grandmom and Grandpop were enemy aliens. They were registered and monitored as such, and none of their kids did anything but shrug and say: "We told you to apply for citizenship years ago."

As for Muslim military-age males coming to these United States as "refugees" from Syria.... Shouldn't they be back home, "doing their bit" in resistance against the aggressors who MADE them "refugees"?

They certainly don't belong HERE, do they?

Setting aside the concept of "inter armes, silent leges," the existence of a state of war imposes certain duties upon the officers of civil government, one of which involves plain recognition of enemy intentions and capabilities, thereafter to undertake measures aimed at protecting the citizens of these United States from those enemies.

Any sign that our Indonesian-in-Chief is fulfilling that duty?

how many?
10 in 10,000 are poison, and will kill you.

And just to explain Obozo's reason for importing a flood of Muslims from the Sandbox while barring entry to thousands of Syrian Christians....

Vote Deomcrat!

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