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Number 849, November 29, 2015

To eliminate a society's weapons, it is
necessary first to eliminate knowledge
of weapons, and to eliminate knowledge
of weapons, it is ultimately necessary
to eliminate all knowledge of any kind.

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ISIS encourages its believers world wide to engage in lone wolf attacks. After a couple of these occur on our soil, especially if they approach the scope of Paris or Mali, should render calls for gun control a dead issue. I say "should" but I am constantly reminded by the lame stream media that Homo Sapiens is an arrogant oxymoron.

Roger Clark

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Re: "Refugees" by Richard Bartucci (this issue)

I agree that there is a problem allowing military age male Muslim Syrians, especially Sunni Muslims, in to the US as refugees. I also believe that there is a solution to this acceptable to the US Constitution and the ideals of liberty. I f there is not, everyone on the CC for this note is well and truly fracked, as we meet Homeland (in)Security's definition of potential terrorists. (see Whatever solution is applied to them is the one waitng for us under the Democrats and many Republicans.

Secondly, it's time for us to cut loose the non Kurdish anti-Assad rebel as unreliable allies and get the Kurds to call a time out for the duration of the war against Daesh. It's either that or get into a war with Russia with Iraq and Iran allied with the Russians. The fact is, we are extremely fortunate that Putin has not spelled out this threat before.

Finally, come next November it is imperative that Hillary, Joe, John, and anyone involved in shaping US policy in the Mid-East under President Obama not get elected or have friends elected who will appoint them to office of power, profit , or trust (other than their pensions for former gov't employment). Either these idiots knowingly sabotaged American interests in the Mideast or acted out of the kind of ignorance that makes naivety an occasion of sin, not a form of innocence. Very probably both.

A.X. Perez

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