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Number 844, October 25, 2015

What Libertarians lack, in their hearts and minds,
what they fail to communicate to others, is a vision
of the new civilization they intend creating.

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As per: this article proponents of gun control have come up with a new issue, the ability of abusive (usually male) spouses to obtain firearms while under a protective or restraining order and use them to do in their partner (usually the wife).

It would be easy to say the victims of abuse should arm themselves, however, many lack the will to do so. Others created complications in their mind, especially once their abuser convince them they deserve their abuse. Women and men who don't fall for this get out of these relationships fast. I point these things out to make sure no one simply blows off this issue.

Please note that certain kinds of people are inclined to make false outcries, even going so far as to fake supporting evidence of abuse. In other cases protective and restraining orders are boilerplate in divorces. Eventually someone served under these circumstances will be exonerated.

Getting an order is easy. Putting someone's name in NICS as a result of this order is also easy. The question I want answered is will the bills, as they are finally passed, provide an adequate means for a person to get their name off NICS once they are exonerated? By adequate I mean quick, cheap, and reliable.

I suspect the answer will be no. Ask me to support this bill (or at least not fight it) when the answer is yes.

A.X. Perez

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Guns and sexual repression

During the recent "Cecil the Lion was martyred, oh no!" teapot tempest, the execrable Jimmy Kimmel fanned the flames by accusing Cecil's killer of only doing it because he couldn't get it up otherwise. Had I been the dentist he was mocking, I would have come back with "Projecting again? Look, this day and age, sexual inadequacy is no crime. You can be open with us about your _short_-comings! A man's still a man even if he _is_ enough of an eunuch to get a job as a harem guard!" And so on in the same vein.

Kimmel and his metrosexual crowd, after all, are the first to accuse anybody disapproving of homosexuality of being repressed homosexuals themselves, projecting their self-loathing out onto others. See how they like a taste of their own medicine!

Eric Oppen

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