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Number 839, September 20, 2015

We are being presented with fifteen or sixteen or
seventeen sorry specimens not one of whom has even
the faintest idea what this country was originally
supposed to be about, or regards that history as relevant

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Let's Be Blunt
by L. Neil Smith

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I have no source of "mainstream" news. No cable, no satellite dish, nothing. The closest are periodic breaks on blowtorch stations between segments of right wing talk shows. I do not feel particularly deprived. I read Breitbart's site and Matthew Drudge, and that's about that.

So I don't know if the nation was generally aware last week that a 30-something British actress named Emily Blunt (whom, for the life of me, I cannot remember in any of the roles for which she is supposedly distinguished), having seen the Republican presidential candidates debate one another, regretted having become a naturalized American citizen. The right-wing media were full of the story, and with thunderous outrage that anybody in her position could say such a thing. It was followed by her perfunctory apology and was duly forgotten.

"Thinkers" like Blunt frequently find themselves attracted to potential candidates like Elizabeth Warren, who has consciously adopted the political philosophy that, in the 20th century, saw more than a hundred million people put to death by social planners with machine guns and gas chambers, the precursors of the dictators of North Korea who are happily willing to let people eat each other, rather than free their economy. Elizabeth Warren is a mass-murderer in the making. I'll say it again: Elizabeth, you are a mass-murderer in the making.

That goes double for Bernie Sanders, and we all know about Hillary.

Initially, I found myself as disgusted by Blunt's statement as any Limbaugh or Hannity. The view I have adopted is that America, for all its failures, is still the best idea anybody ever had for a country, and that people like her (or many of the Canadian actors who come here to take advantage of the wealth and opportunity we have generated—only to attack the very values that brought them here) are churlish ingrates.

But then I got to thinking—and listening to my wife and daughter, both of whom are almost completely indifferent to the outcome of the 2016 general election. And why should they not be? We are being presented with fifteen or sixteen or seventeen sorry specimens not one of whom has even the faintest idea what this country was originally supposed to be about, or regards that history as relevant. For my womenfolk, there is the essential fact that these idiots are trampling all over one another to establish themselves as biofascists who would seize control of female bodies and force them to bring unwanted children into the world. It's a peculiar form of sex slavery.

That great unsung libertarian novelist Frank Herbert envisioned a heartless human culture consciously built on insect values in his great work Hellstrom's Hive an answer to an evil movie called The Hellstrom Chronicle which held that we should all be like good, virtuous termites. They cut the parts off a woman unnecessary to baby-making, to create the "reproductive stump", the Republicans' wet dream.

Not one of these candidates, at least some of whom are supposed to be all about individual freedom, would willingly grant that freedom to half of the human race. And if you look to the other party for rescue, what do you find? Stalinists—and a requirement that you give up everything else for the one right that drove you into their fascist arms.

I reserve particularly virulent disgust for the conservatives. As a columnist, I have to listen to their self-righteous oral flatulence every day. The one bright spot is that their spotlight has been stolen away by Donald Trump, the living embodiment of the Atlas Shrugged's James Taggert, Dagny's corrupt brother, king of the "Aristocracy of Pull", the glad-hander who can't accomplish anything for himself, but who prides himself that he can bribe or bully anybody into doing anything.

The one and only thing that "the Donald" is actually good for is making Republicans squirm because he reminds them—especially the useless Jeb Bush—of themselves. Another individual who induces embarrassed squirming in coat-and-tie Republicans is Sarah Palin. Both she and the Man with the Tribble on his Head strike terror into the shriveled, blackened hearts of Democrats, so that would be pretty much the GOP dream ticket if you don't mind the next eight years being hell.

Trump—Palin. Rah! Rah! Rah!

And then there is Ben Carson, the man who probably did tie half of Rush Limbaugh's brain behind his back, or at least could have. In all the issue-burying fun and games, people seem to have forgotten that Carson believes he has the legal power to deprive people in "big cities" of their semiautomatic weapons. Somebody has since talked him out of this ludicrous position, but the important fact is that he now thinks it's a bad idea, not that it's a violation of individual rights.

Rand Paul is better aware than anybody else that America has been a cash-cow for the European elites since the 18th century; it's their slave plantation. We're their slaves. But has he said it publicly? Has he noted that taxation is theft, taxation is slavery, taxation is the fuel of war? No, he's a little man, a rancid miniature of his much greater father. Rand wants power more than he wants to help his country.

The fact is, they're all like that, and they've all made the same choice. They all aspire to the delights of the presidency, but we must all remain respectful, obedient, and lucrative serfs. Marco Rubio the pouty little boy, Ted Cruz the stiff, Chris Christie the Great White Whale, and Carly Fiorina, whoever and whatever she is. Not one has anything to offer to Milennials like my daughter, nor to those of us who stopped Nixon's war and won the Sexual Revolution. All we want from them is our own fucking lives, but they're all more than happily willing to tax and regulate us until our lives aren't worth living any more.

To hell with the bunch of them and their parties. I'm sitting this one out and I plan to generate just as much disaffection among others as I can. I ask you: how dare they offer us this garbage, these leavings, this trash? This year they're only going through the motions.

From now on, so will I. You and me, Emily, you and me.

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