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Number 836, August 30, 2015

There Ain't No Such Thing As Social Justice

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Gleaned from two weeks of gun news:

Members of Oath Keepers showed up at Ferguson, Missouri, armed to protect various people. They offered to provide arms for self defense to protesters (thus shooting down, you should pardon the expression, of various left wing groups that the Oath Keepers are the KKK repackaged). Several protesters suggested that the OK guys were meshuggeneh, that while white men could walk the streets with "assault rifles" and pistols, Black People trying the same would get killed. If this is true we have a long way to go in civil rights. Of course, leftists would argue this means Whites should be disarmed same same Blacks. Equal oppression for all is equality, right?

A would be mass murderer and terrorist in France was stopped from doing his thing by three American Servicemen, a former British serviceman, an American civilian on vacation, and a Frenchman. He had an AK, they had the will to fight. As per Heinlein,"There are no dangerous weapons; there are only dangerous men." And women, I might add. Of course, leftists would love to outlaw fighting spirit.

The tragic murder on video of two newscasters has led to the renewed call for "reasonable, common sense blah blah." One leftist source pointed out that it wasn't only the guns that led to mass killings in America, it was our culture of rugged individualism, upward social mobility, the American Dream and so on that has led to so many of our mass murders. Apparently, when losers realize they will not live up to these standards some of them get a gun and start putting the whack on whoever offends them and/or is easy to get to. Of course leftists would solve this by giving up on individualism and valuing upward mobility.

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It should be mentioned that when the Texas licensed open carry Bill (Kicks in 1 Jan. 2016) was passed an amendment forbidding cops from asking for a license simply because one was carrying openly was removed. Legislators who normally support gun control supported the amendment to prevent people from being stopped (and as per the above cited article) killed for "Carrying while Black (or Brown, or maybe Arab, or Slavic )".

As much as I want to walk away from arguments about racism in America as long as there is even one town where "CWB" is a crime things are inexcusably fucked up.

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