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Number 834, August 16, 2015

School is only a starting place for education

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School Daze, or An Unoriginal Title for New Ideas
by A.X. Perez

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With the school year beginning many of us will be returning to public schools or other "learning institutions" that must meet state standards or sending our kids to the same.

Remember the following: School is only a starting place for education. Devour libraries and ransack the net. They only got you for seven hours, that gives you eight for damage control.

Remember that the Bill of Rights promises us that the Government will respect and protect rights we already have. it does not grant any rights (except the very specific right to a trial by jury for all civil suits over $20.00.). This point is made clear by the Ninth Amendment. If you are a teacher it is your duty to teach this out of intellectual honesty, not to mention love of liberty. If you are a student remember to politely point this out to your social studies teacher if they teach otherwise out of canned curricula.

In Texas we have this thing called freedom week. One of the required objectives is that students memorize the first two sentences of the body of the Declaration of Independence (we hold these truths.... I know you guys know 'em). Remember the third sentence ( That whenever any form of government....) and that this sentence is the point of the whole thing,

Remember the following bit of dialogue from Sons of Anarchy (paraphrased):

Gemma (picking up box): What's in this, guns and ammo?
Nero: No, books.
Gemma: Much more dangerous.

Read at least one dangerous book.

And finally: Buy a tool designed to cut seat belt and break window to get out of car in an emergency and keep it in your car. It may be a cheapie knife with a window breaker pommel, strap cutter and semi serrated blade, it may be something fancier. Get advice from an EMT, firefighter, or the one LEO you semi trust. With all those cars full of kids in the morning rush one should be prepared. Get whatever other emergency gear you think you need to save your kid in a wreck and keep it in your car.

Note: This is aimed at people who cannot home school or are otherwise stuck n the system. Please do not use as launch point for proclaiming the value of home schooling. It's a great idea and I support it. However, those of us in the system must have a plan to protect our sanity and advance our cause in "the belly of the beast." This is my modest contribution to said cause.

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