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An Excerpt from Blade of p'Na
(The Feature Article)

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Number 832, August 2, 2015
The war on gold

Nobody likes you!
Nobody likes you!
by Rex May

Down With Power Audiobook!
The Down With Power audiobook read by Brian Wilson
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Americans Have Obeyed Their Last Gun Law
A cyberpamphlet by L. Neil Smith


The Impeachable Offenses of Barack Hussein Obama
by Terence James Mason
In 7 parts.

Letters to the Editor
from A.X. Perez and Dave Beers

An Excerpt from Blade of p'Na

by L. Neil Smith
The nearest city of any size on this world lies 500 miles north of the northwest coast of the Inland Sea where Eichra Oren and I live. It was named by humans, who for fifteen thousand years have called it Lanternlight. It's said there's a city there, in the S-bend of a great river, in a hundred thousand alternate worlds. Easy, rapid transportation and near-perfect communication have made such collections of individuals and buildings pretty much obsolete in this one. Add to that the fact that the landwelling population of the Elders' Earth is sparse, no more than a couple hundred million sapients on the whole planet, all of them Appropriated Persons or their descendants, and well spread out.

by Tyrone Johnson
Today, something on the close order of 93 million Americans are out of work. Although the "official" government figure claims that unemployment is less than 6%, that figure deliberately ignores the long-term discouraged who aren't giving the government evidence of looking for work. A far more accurate picture, using the government's statistics as organised by the algorithm used back in 1980, shows unemployment running well above 23%.

The Most Libertarian Movie Ever?
by J. Neil Schulman
I've been writing about the Alongside Night Movie for over five years, starting when I was still trying to put together casting and financing to get it made. I've sold it hard on the libertarian content in the movie and how I believe a feature-length narrative film can be effective in approaching people—especially young people—to consider libertarian principles and comparing libertarian approaches with far-more-popular government-reliant policies.

E-Book Round Up: Please Enroll Responsibly
by Sean Gangol
Recently I have been reading more and more E-books, which I hadn't done much of before, since I was the type who preferred the old fashion paper books (dead tree books, as many like to call them). This was mainly due to one of my favorite reading spots being in the pool and Jacuzzi, which I didn't feel comfortable reading an electronic device in. I didn't have much use for E-Books until Lee Doran, one of my favorite YouTubers, wrote a book that was exclusively published on a Kindle format.

"Land of the License, Home of the Fee"
by Sean N. Gruber
Remember after 9/11 when Bush, his cronies and the complicit mass media kept chanting "they hate us for our freedom!"? Well, I don't think the "terrorists" hate us for our freedom. And you want to know why? Because we aren't free. Not even close. Not a little bit, not at all. In this Country you need a "license" to drive. A "permit" to carry a gun. One can't protest unless one does so in a designated "free speech zone" and has permission from the local magistrate. When you are out driving you can be stopped at anytime at either a "border patrol inspection" or a "sobriety checkpoint." And that reminds me, you can't buy alcohol unless you have a state issued "id" and also you can't legally walk down the street without one of those id's, lest you be stopped by a Nazi, I mean "peace officer" and he demand to see it, even if he suspects you of no wrong doing—"your papers please!"

No, Ordering Sandra Bland Out Of Her Car Was Not a Lawful Police Order
by Edward Malone
You have probably heard the constant refrain from commentators, lawyers, and legal scholars that ordering Sandra Bland out of her vehicle that day in Prairie View, Texas may have been bad policing but it was legal. For example, CNN legal analyst Danny Cevallos wrote, "If your motor vehicle is lawfully stopped for a traffic violation, police can order you out of the car. Period." This Texas attorney begs to differ.

Atlantea The Beautiful No. 338
by L. Neil Smith and Rex May
Number 338 of a weekly cartoon series.

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