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Number 832, August 2, 2015

The war on gold

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"Land of the License, Home of the Fee"
by Sean N. Gruber

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Special to L. Neil Smith's The Libertarian Enterprise

Remember after 9/11 when Bush, his cronies and the complicit mass media kept chanting "they hate us for our freedom!"? Well, I don't think the "terrorists" hate us for our freedom. And you want to know why? Because we aren't free. Not even close. Not a little bit, not at all. In this Country you need a "license" to drive. A "permit" to carry a gun. One can't protest unless one does so in a designated "free speech zone" and has permission from the local magistrate. When you are out driving you can be stopped at anytime at either a "border patrol inspection" or a "sobriety checkpoint." And that reminds me, you can't buy alcohol unless you have a state issued "id" and also you can't legally walk down the street without one of those id's, lest you be stopped by a Nazi, I mean "peace officer" and he demand to see it, even if he suspects you of no wrong doing—"your papers please!"

Let's see... what else? Well, you can't be born without a "certificate." Can't legally die without one either. You don't really own your house or your property because they demand a ransom (tax) and if you don't pay it, come back and talk to us at the "Center for the Massively Pissed Americans" and tell us how it went for you! They own the sky. (FAA) And if you want to fly—get ready to take off your shoes and belt, be groped, ran through a scanner that show's your body naked and don't even think about taking a weapon on that plane to protect yourself—even though they have proven themselves perfectly incapable of protecting you. They own the airwaves. (FCC) So don't say naughty words or advertise things they don't like. (Like Marijuana.) This brings me to, they OWN YOU. What other conclusion can a rational human being come to if he doesn't have the right to put whatever he/she wants into their own body? You must not own yourself. You certainly don't own the product of your own labor. (Federal, State, County, City "Taxes".)

If you have a dog, you have to register it. You can't collect rainwater. You can't buy raw milk. Or home produced eggs. (But don't worry about this—because the same benevolent Government that dropped nuclear bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima and burned men, women and children alive at Waco, only make these rules for your protection. After all, tax slave, they can't have you getting salmonella poisoning and missing work.)

Yeah, I don't think that our freedom is really what has these folks upset with us. I'm thinking it might have something to do with us attacking them and occupying their Countries. And maybe to a greater or lesser degree taking the side of their mortal enemy (Israel) in a holy war that has been going on, for God-only-knows, how long.

Of course we don't just occupy Muslim lands. We still maintain bases in Germany, Korea, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Guam and Japan to name but a few. This facilitates the United States Militaristic Empire, great tactical advantages around the world and in the case of Japan, strategic advantage towards Asian pussy for our rape inclined Marine's. Not to mention Guantanamo bay, which we need so all of our burgeoning sadists and perverts have easy access to defenseless people to practice their torture and sexual assault skills on. "Support the Troops" knave...

Yeah, pretty much every meaningful part of an American's life is "licensed" "taxed" or in some other way controlled by the "Government" of the United States of America. We aren't hated for our freedoms. We are hated for interfering in other people's way of life and blowing their children's limbs off with drone strikes. And we deserve the hatred. The sick thing is we have no more control over our government than the people of Japan or Germany did just before WW2. It's also a shame that the majority of American's seem to actually think they ARE in control of their "government." It won't surprise me if we suffer the same fate as the people of Hiroshima. And maybe we'll deserve it. Or at least some of us will.

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