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Number 832, August 2, 2015

The war on gold

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Controla de Armas de Fuego

This is what happens in countries with strict gun control laws: [Link]

Mexico is actually prospering right now. Illegal immigration to the US from that nation is declining. Carlos Slim Helu takes turns being the wealthiest man in the World with Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, and on money earned legally (if maybe having to spend money deal with a corrupt government and any "edge" that entails) in the telecommunications industry, able to expand into buying American Companies. Grupo Bimbo, a Mexican company, is a major player in the US bakery industry.

And yet opponents to the government continue to disappear, drug gangs run rampant, and high profile prisoners break out of high security prisons pretty much at will.

All because the people in that nation have to take it. They lack the tools to resist, courtesy of "common sense gun safety laws."

A.X. Perez

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On Windows 10

Dear Neil,

It's been hyped for months. People have been looking forward to it since the problem riddled Windows 8. And the best part, it was going to be FREE!

So I decided to give Windows 10 a chance, and jumped in on Day One.

I should have let experience be my guide and wait a good six months while the folks in Redmond cleaned up any "issues".

But NO! I bought in to the excitement and upgraded my machine, relishing the experience like a naive HS Freshman on his first date.

How foolish.

At first, no problem! Everything seemed to work fine. All my apps were there and all that I tested ran as they were supposed to.

But... some time between Wednesday afternoon and evening, IT MUTATED.

I sat down at the keyboard in order to show my wife Cathy how IT looked, clicked on the Start Menu icon (that static and BORING little excuse for an icon), and...



No menu.

No problem. I thought "maybe I need to update my mouse driver?" Thankfully one was available.

Downloaded it.

Installed it...

Still nothing.

Undeterred, I managed to open Firefox (by this point Windows wonderful new browser wouldn't open either), and began to search for any other solutions that might be out there... only to discover that the start menu problem has been extant in many of the technical previews, and been reported on quite profusely!

I found many workarounds that were offered to address the issue. I tried four of the most common, but none of them worked.

"The hell with this!" I thought, and decided to uninstall this monster, only to discover that the "updates and security" window, which is where one goes to perform an uninstall, can only be reached from the missing Start Menu.

I then spent the better part of an hour searching File Manager for any hint of "updates and security". No luck there.

In a final bit of desperation, I managed to open my User Account settings window, and backtracked from there to the "settings" panel that had the ONLY link to "updates and security".

Opened it. Clicked through a couple of "are you SURE you want to uninstall Windows 10", "are you REALLY sure you want to uninstall..." dialog boxes, and was able to return to my trustworthy Windows 7.

You would think at my age, I'd remember these sage bits of advice: never accept the first offer; never swing at the first pitch; and never install a new Windows release on Day One.

All may not be right with the world, but at least my computer is working again.

Dave Beers

I've put it on two computers here (one I'm building this issue of The Enterprise on, and my cranky HP laptop which I'll never buy another of), and so far all is well... and FASTER! too—Editor

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Said this before, in a letter to The Libertarian Enterprise, and as a comment to someone else's post on FaceBook and I will say it again: The British (Mr. Obama made his comments on BBC) are well aware of the difficulties on imposing gun control ( civilian disarmament) on the Americans. They spent the time from April 1775 until February of 1782 learning just how difficult this task is.

Perhaps Mr. Obama needs to be reminded that the first gun control (laws to disarm people) were applied against non whites (blacks and Indians) whether slave, indentured, or free, and against white indentured servants. They were oppressive then, they remain oppressive now. Applying oppressive laws to everyone does not make them less oppressive, this just increases the number of victims.

Also mentioned as a negative comment on Mr. Obama's leadership skills (which I rarely criticize, in fact I have repeatedly expressed sincere sympathy for how unjustly both parties have backstabbed him) it is considered a sign of lack of class to air one's family's dirty laundry in public, and complaints about American unruliness in other nations media is just that.

A.X. Perez

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