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Number 830, July 19, 2015

A weapon in every hand;
freedom on every side.
—F. Paul Wilson

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When I first heard that there was an actual group of people who denied that The Holocaust ever happened, I couldn't comprehend how anyone could possibly deny that such an event backed by piles upon piles of evidence ever happened. I would later come to find out that most of the so-called "Holocaust Revisionists" consisted mostly of white supremacists and Nazi sympathizers, which pretty much made it crystal clear where their denial was coming from.

Sadly, this kind of denial isn't just confined to the crimes committed by the Nazis. There are factions in Japan who seem to be in complete denial about the atrocities committed by their troops in WW II. Their denial is so great that when the movie "Unbroken" came out there were Japanese officials who wanted the movie banned for the way that it portrayed the treatment of allied POW's in Japanese prison camps. Never mind that the movie's depiction of these atrocities actually seemed watered down compared to the others that I have read about. They would put the POW's through a wide range of tortures that not even Stephen King's twisted imagination could invent. When US servicemen were finally rescued from these camps, some looked just as malnourished as the inmates coming out of German concentration camps.

Some of the worst atrocities by the Japanese weren't even committed against allied POW's, but against civilians throughout Asia. Especially in Nanking, where the Japanese soldiers did things to civilians that actually made a Nazi officer observing the invasion, cringe in disgust. While the Japanese government may acknowledge some of these atrocities, they still have lobbies dedicated to denying some of the worst war crimes.

Denial is also a common factor among people on the left who want to believe in the failed experiment known as Communism. This is nothing new, since Walter Duranty of the New York Times was famous for denying the atrocities of Stalin and is still honored by the media elite to this day. Though some of the worst deniers are those who want to believe the romantic story of Cuba being liberated by Che Guevara and Fidel Castro from the evil grasp of the Batista regime. The Cuban revolution is by far one of the greatest stories ever sold.

People are always shocked to learn that the Cuban revolution succeeded with little resistance since Castro had bribed the top brass in Batista's military to stand down. It also didn't help that the Batista regime was so unpopular among the people that there weren't too many who were willing to risk their lives to defend it. It's also funny that Che Guevara is thought of as the George Washington of guerrilla warfare, but in reality Barney Fife was a better comparison. Actually I think that may be an insult to Barney Fife because at least he wasn't dumb enough to shoot himself in the chin, like our "guerilla master" did. His failed revolutions in Bolivia and the Congo are a direct testament to his skills as a master in guerilla warfare.

The one thing that Che was good at was killing hundreds, if not thousands of unarmed people, including women and children. The man was such a humanitarian that he had a wall in his office knocked down so that he could have a nice view of the killing fields, when the "enemies of the state" were being purged. Hipsters who like to wear his T-Shirts as always shocked to hear that he wasn't a selfless rebel who wanted to help the working class, except to take them to the killing fields of course.

To all the hippies, artists, musicians, and actors who like to venerate the man, you are the type of person that Che despised the most. If you had long hair, wore blue jeans and listened to Rock 'n' Roll or had any flare for the arts, you would likely find yourself thrown into a labor camp.

I remember this one particular thread in the old Myspace forum about how great Che was. Remember Myspace? It's now a ghetto version of Facebook. About seven years ago, the site had a pretty extensive forum on just about every subject in existence. In the politics section, they had a thread going on about Che Guevara, which was receiving mostly positive responses from people who seem to be in love with the man, so I decided to introduce a little buzzkill to the conversation. Many of the posters responded with shock and disbelief, while others seem to be in complete denial. Though there were a few Myspace users that backed me up. The worst poster on the forum was some hostile leftist who accused me of slandering a "hero" and demanded proof for my claims. I gave him serval book titles, along with The Cuban Archives, a website dedicated to documenting the atrocities of Castro and Guevara. It still wasn't good enough for him, since it meant that he had to take the time to look up these sources, in which I told him that his laziness wasn't my problem. That was the last time he ever bothered me.

It's not just our buddy Che that these idiots are in complete denial about. It's about the state of Cuba itself. There are leftist who will have us believe that Cuba is a shining example of Communism actually working. Some of them have even visited the country and gone to certain parts of the island that make it seem like a paradise. At least it does in the designated tourist areas where they are allowed to roam. They don't see the adverse poverty and oppression that the Cuban people go through in those non-designated areas. Yet, they act like they know the island just as well as the people who live there.

It is also quite telling that these same leftists have nothing but pure hatred towards the Cuban immigrants and their children who currently reside in Miami. These people, many of which had to paddle to Miami in primitive boats, through shark infested waters are walking and talking contradictions to the socialist paradise that many on the left claim Cuba to be. These immigrants are basically buzzkill to the pipedream that many leftists have their entire ideology staked on. That is why they have been and always will be in a state of denial about the Castro regime.

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