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Number 829, July 12, 2015

The ancient symbol of revolt against
oppressive authority, unconstitutional
usurpation, and punitive taxation

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Re: "Operation Jade Helm 15" by L. Neil Smith

One small quibble:

The essay aid: Democrats are Democrats, just too damn dumb to realize their President's a Stalinist, out to destroy the greatest nation that history and humanity have ever known.

That's an oversimplification (probably intentional). IMHO, Democrats are...

  • People who want this and are willing to go to the lengths Stalin did, as long as they end up on top after the purges
  • People who want this and are willing to let others go to the lengths Stalin did, thinking they'll survive the purges (but who never heard of the Krystallnacht)
  • People as characterized, kept that way by not having to work or think thanks to Uncle Bubba and Uncle Barry. To avoid adding a subgroup I'll include the ones who vote early and often to keep their benefits, and the party hacks who fill in ballots for them or destroy contrary ballets until several critical precincts report unanimous 110% of registered voter returns for the Machine, and never get questioned, quadrennial after quadrennial
  • People as characterized, but who vote Democrat because the Democrats vocally support their particular issue (To this group add the Agenda 21 types who actually hope for a Krystallnacht—again, as long as they end up on top—as part of their Gaia-worshipping depopulation agenda).
  • People as characterized, but who were brought up to be so allergic to the Republican label that they would vote for a "Yellow Dog"
  • People who look at McConnell, Boehner, and Jeb Bush and decide that a Clinton is still the lesser of the two evils. (When the choice is between Darth Vader and Cthulhu, the "tired of voting for the lesser of two evils" analogy breaks down.)

Jim Woosley

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Ken, I had to laugh at that article by Greenfield.

It appears almost all the criticisms therein apply equally well to the right!

Of course the reality is that it doesn't matter what weird ideas people have (we might have a few ourselves). It only matters if they come after us, and our job is to deter them from doing that. Otherwise leftists are no trouble at all. They should stew in their own juices; might teach them something. I'm a great believer in letting people get what they wish, short of imposition on me.

Paul Bonneau
[address withheld by request]

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