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Number 828, July 5, 2015

Most Americans just want to be left the bloody hell alone

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You Say You Want....
by A.X. Perez

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Should we have another revolution? Yes, we should. The police have gotten too blood thirsty. recently I heard one PD (Las Cruces, New Mexico) complain that losing the "right" to impose civil forfeiture without getting a conviction would cost them hundreds of thousands of dollar inoperating funds. The cops are not just killers, they are thieves.

We have the surveillance state, the nanny state, 56% percent or more of our wealth going to pay taxes (Check out how much tax you are paying on the internet service you are using to read this). Our political discourse on just about everything driven by anger and ignorance, and we have two political parties that flat out hate science and technology giving the "Ordinary Joe" more control of his life. They hate the potential of economic growth stripping them of their position as ration masters.

Seems like we are due for a change profound enough to call a revolution. Secondly, we need this revolution to be peaceful, or at least as peaceful as possible. The reason for this is sublimely simple. Violent revolution leads to the creation of military hierarchies, and this leads to generals who expect to be leaders in the post civil war (for that is what violent revolution turns into) government. In fact, the discipline of cells and party hierarchies becomes the framework of the next government. Reliance on force to obtain goals becomes the seeds of the next tyranny.

Therefor, for the coming revolution must be peaceful to delay the next time we must have a revolution

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