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Number 826, June 21, 2015

When you need help in seconds
the cops are minutes away

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Thoughts on a Massacre
by A.X. Perez

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Re: the replay of every pro and anti gun argument as a result of the Mother Emmanuel Massacre.

The shit got his gun illegally (it is illegal to give a gun to someone charged with crimes for which he was charged. (I will refer to the shooter as a, the, or that shit. He does not deserve to be called by name.) He also could have used pipe bombs, Molotov cocktails, or butcher's knives. Gun control laws would change none of this.

When Jesus sent His disciples forth he made sure at least some were armed to protect themselves and their companions lives. Given the very real hatred some people feel towards various faiths and congregations and/or the ethnic groups that belong to them there should be armed members or guards at church services. As long as the law says Churches are gun free zones you are asking for trouble.

Violent crime is going down. Gun control will not speed this up. However, the truth remains: When you need help in seconds the cops are minutes away. Whether I can go unarmed, armed with knives, pepper spray, guns, and/or just a really surly attitude is my business, not of the state legislature, the Congress, or anyone else but God (going unarmed may constitute the sin of presumption under certain circumstances).

I have no doubt that Mr. Obama is honestly saddened, sickened, and angered at the Massacre at Mother Emmanuel's. All decent and most not so decent people on the planet feel the same.

And I'll even forgive him for pushing gun control on top of it. After years of pushing victim disarmament he's reached the point where he believes his own BS. He's wrong, but as a private person he's entitled to his opinion.

However, as President of the US he needs to keep his mouth shut. He was President in 2010 when the BATFE was running Operation Fast and Furious (you know, the one no one gives a shit about). His BATFE and former Attorney General Eric Holder provided 2500 semi auto rifles to the drug cartels in Mexico in the middle of a drug war. From the Aurora Massacre of two years ago to the Mother Emmanuelle Massacre we've had five mass murders with guns that got notoriety. Back in 2010 that was a rough two weeks in Ciudad Juarez.

To be honest, every time Mr. Obama speaks of the need for gun control to control violence in the US his words are the epitome of hypocrisy and disingenuity, and will remain so until he has his new AG bring the architects of Operation Fast and furious to book.

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