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Number 824, May 31, 2015

Neale Osborn 1964-2015

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Those wacky Norse. You saw their ships coming and you didn't know if it was a small group of merchants, if they were coming to steal and murder in a raid, or maybe settle in the south forty and take your best land.

The Vikings were were not the only raiders and invaders people have had to deal with over the millennia. This has led to a sane and healthy fear and distrust of strangers. However, this sane response to strangers can become warped into xenophobia, an unreasoning fear of strangers. Remember, sometimes they do come as friends. In a society like America's, this can become the equivalent of autoimmune illness, the healthy response of the body to ward off viruses and bacteria becomes subverted into a an illness that is killing the person afflicted.

The symptoms of autoimmune illnesses can be as "minor" as arthritis and as severe as a person's body rejecting his heart. Xenohobia, expressing itself as racism, is capable of causing symptoms as bizarre and potentially deadly as having your own immune system turn on you. In a multiracial nation of immigrants like the United States of America the risk of having a rational wariness of strangers turn into hatred of one's own countrymen is like an illness we must guard against lest it causes us to throw away our freedom in a civil war over skin color and methods of prayer. I am afraid the illness is already in our society, we must therefor control its symptoms.

One symptom is the unwillingness of ""the establishment" to deal with threats to liberty until they are put in terms of protecting the civil rights of one ethnic group or another, usually but not always African- Americans. For example, there have been complaints for years that police have been a little to eager to shoot, too slow to provide medical assistance, and generally fatally violating the people's rights. However, only until recently has anyone in the mainstream media said anything, and that in terms of Black people being murdered to keep them in line. People have been complaining about the militarization of the police, including cops, since the Mount Carmel Ranch Massacre, or even earlier. However, the MSM remained silent until it was claimed after Ferguson that the police were being militarized to "keep Black people in line." The Dutton- Huffines Amendment to Texas' current attempt to adopt open carry, forbidding police officers from stopping people just to check their pistol carry licenses and which effectively turned it into a Constitutional carry law was supported by at least one Texas Senator who was concerned Blacks and Latinos would be stopped and have their licenses checked more often than Anglos. The Amendment was removed at the behest of several Police Associations (guess who won't be buying tickets to the Police Man's Ball?) and we will soon be able to gatherthe Empirical data to prove or disprove this concern.

So help me I get nauseous considering the possibility that he might be right, that there are so many racist cops in Texas that people being hassled for PWB (Packing while Black/Brown) is really a potential serious problem. The thing is, even if it isn't, people fear it is. More importantly, police brutality, police militarization, and police harassing people for daring to exercise a constitutional right is a threat to the freedom of all of us, not just people of this that, or the other race. They are tools for oppressing all races. Yet it seems that "the Man" is doing everything in his power to obfuscate this point.

So let me make this clear, when a bunch of white guys (and gals) parade around with "modern sporting rifles" they are marching for Constitutional Carry for all Texans and indeed all Americans. When Police forces become armies of occupation in the ghetto they are also transformed into armies of occupation in the suburbs. Laws used to deny Black and Latino people the right to vote can, have, and will be used to deny White people the right to vote. When we are encouraged to see these things as a White Americans, black Americans, or Brown Americans issues we are being blinded to the fact that they are American issues.

Our reasonable fear of foreign enemies becomes twisted into an illness that turns American against fellow American and creates a pretext to destroy American Freedom.

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